“Unlock the Secret to Boosting Your Site’s User Experience: Discover How to Add Pagination to Your WordPress Pages”

Pagination: A critical tool for WordPress usability

Have you ever visited a WordPress site with an endless scroll, and it felt overwhelming? Well, that’s where pagination comes in. Pagination breaks down lengthy content on your website such as blog posts, photo galleries or products into smaller bite-sized sections to enhance the user’s navigation and experience.

What is Pagination in WordPress?

Pagination is a technique that allows you to divide long lists of pages or posts into smaller sections. WordPress displays a predetermined number of posts or pages on a single screen, but when the list becomes too long, users’ experience difficulties scrolling down, particularly on mobile devices. Pagination allows you to customize the number of posts per page, buttons’ style, and labels making it easier for a user to navigate.

Why Should You Use Pagination in WordPress?

  • Improved user experience
  • Better site performance
  • Improved website structure, which boosts SEO

How to Add Pagination in WordPress Pages Without Plugins

WordPress provides a powerful function called WP_Query, which allows you to create custom queries on your site. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new page template by copying the contents of the page.php file and renaming it.
  2. Register the new template by adding the code below to the top of the new template file:


  3. Add WP_Query function to the desired number of posts you want to display, and then reset the post data and display the footer.
  4. Create a new page in WordPress and choose the “Paginated Page” template from the drop-down menu

Using the WordPress Nextpage Tag

Another way to paginate your content in WordPress is by using the nextpage tag function, which splits your lengthy content into several pages. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new page in WordPress and add the content you want to split into pages.
  2. In the editor, add the
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