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Perplexing Ways to Showcase Featured Products on Your Homepage with WordPress WooCommerce

As an online store owner who wants to attract customers and drive sales, putting your best foot forward by showcasing your featured products on your homepage is an art in itself. However, if you’re using WordPress and WooCommerce, the flexibility of showing off what makes you unique is at your fingertips. In this article, we’ll take you through a dizzying journey on how to show featured products on the homepage in WordPress WooCommerce.

Step 1: Choose Your Featured Products with Care

Before delving into the unknown, you’ll need to choose which products you’ll feature on your homepage carefully. It’s crucial to choose products that are not only popular and relevant but also have the potential to generate sales. Consider items that complement each other, have consistent sales, or are newly launched. Think about how often you’ll be updating your featured products; will it be monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly?

Step 2: Set Your Products to Feature

To set your featured products in motion, hover over your “Products” page and search for the products you want to display on the homepage. Click on the “Quick Edit” feature to the right of the product you wish to feature and then select the “Feature this product” box. This action will add a star to the product’s box, indicating that the product is now marked as “featured.”

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Step 3: Create a Product Category for Featured Products like a Pro

To master the art of showcasing your featured products, you’ll need to create a separate category for them. Creating a standout category will allow you to tag your featured products quickly and efficiently. To do this, head over to your “Products” tab and click on the sub-menu “Categories” and select “Add New Product Category.” Name the category something unique to you, for instance, “Featured Products.” Once you’ve created the new category, click on the “Add New Category” button to save all of your changes.

Step 4: A New Page Beckons

It’s time to create a new page to show your featured products. Go to the “Pages” section in WordPress and click on “Add New,” give your new page a unique name like “Featured Products,” or something related to your brand. After naming it, click on the “Publish” button to create the page.

Step 5: Fiddling with WooCommerce

Before proceeding, ensure that you have the WooCommerce plugin installed on your website. To install WooCommerce, you can follow these 5 steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Click on the “Plugins” menu item
  3. Click on “Add New”
  4. Type “WooCommerce” in the search bar
  5. Click on the “Install” button for the WooCommerce plugin
  6. Click on the “Activate” button after the plugin has been installed.

Step 6: Be Bold and Add Featured Products Shortcode to the Page

After installing WooCommerce, go back to the featured products page you created earlier. Paste the shortcode below onto your page:

[products limit=”10″ columns=”5″ category=”Featured Products”]

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The shortcode will display ten products across five columns in a grid format on the page. Modify the number of columns and the number of products displayed to suit your needs. You can find a full list of shortcode options in the WooCommerce documentation.

Step 7: Publish Your Masterpiece and Test it Out

Once you’ve added the shortcode for the featured products, don’t forget to click on the “Publish” button to save changes. Then, scurry over to your homepage to see your featured products displayed. If everything looks good, congratulations! You’ve made it!

In conclusion, featuring products on your homepage is a great way to drive more sales and entice shoppers to take a closer look at your products. With the above steps, you will showcase your most popular and top-selling products effectively. So why not give it a try today and see how it improves your online store’s performance? Remember, the sky’s the limit when it comes to showcasing your featured products.

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