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Get Ready to Manually Install WordPress Themes

With more than 30% of the web relying on WordPress, it’s no wonder why bloggers and website owners opt for this platform. Thanks to its vast selection of themes and plugins, WordPress offers unmatched flexibility for website design customization. However, choosing and installing WordPress themes can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. In this article, we will provide step-by-step guidance on how to install themes manually.

Why Manual Installation is Necessary

Before we proceed with the installation process, let’s discuss why you may want to install a WordPress theme manually. Sometimes, the theme you want to use may not be available in the WordPress repository. Alternatively, your theme may not be available on the repository, but you have the theme files on your local computer. Another scenario arises when you are building a custom theme for your website.

For any of these cases, you will be required to manually install the theme in WordPress. Though this process may seem challenging, with time and practice, it becomes a piece of cake.

Considerations Before Manual Installation

There are a few things to consider before commencing the installation process. These include:

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1. Compatibility

Ensure that your theme is compatible with your WordPress version. Using an incompatible version can affect your website’s functionality and cause damage.

2. Security

Trustworthy sources are a must when downloading themes. As malicious code poses a significant threat to your website, it’s best to download themes from reputable websites.

3. Backup

Backing up your website data, including your WordPress database, files, and folders, is advisable before installing a new theme.

How to Install a Theme Manually in WordPress

Now that you understand why manual installation is vital let’s begin the process. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the Theme

Download your preferred theme, ensuring it is compatible with your WordPress version, on a trusted marketplace or vendor website in a zip format.

Step 2: Extract the Theme Files

Extract the theme files from the zip to your local computer. You should see a folder containing the downloaded theme files.

Step 3: Log into Your Website with FTP

Use a free FTP client (like FileZilla FTP) and connect to your website via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Step 4: Navigate to the WordPress Themes Directory

Find the WordPress themes directory by navigating to “wp-content/themes.”

Step 5: Upload the Theme Files

Upload the theme files from your local computer to your remote server’s “wp-content/themes” directory.

Step 6: Activate the Theme

Once the upload is complete, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Appearance” section. In the list of installed themes, you should see the new theme you uploaded. Click the “Activate” button to make it your active theme.

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Voila! You have successfully installed a WordPress theme manually!

In Conclusion

Installing a theme manually may seem tasking, but it does come in handy in times when you can’t access the WordPress repository or are dealing with custom theme designs. We have outlined the steps, from downloading the theme to activation, you need to follow to install a theme manually. Always ensure your data is backed up, the theme you want to install is compatible and originates from a trusted source. Follow these steps, and you’ll breeze through the process with no hitches in no time.

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