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The Magnificence of WordPress Editor

How do you create a stunning website or blog without a flexible platform like WordPress Editor? It is the most popular website building platform globally for good reasons. You can create and personalize a beautiful website or blog effortlessly with its packed feature platform. The editor is a crucial aspect of WordPress since you utilize it to create and release your content. This article delves into how to deploy the WordPress editor to its optimum potential.

Understanding WordPress Editor

The WordPress editor is known to be a visual editor that you utilize to create and modify your content. It’s a WYSIWYG type of editor that lets you see your content while you produce it, similar to your site’s appearance. With its intuitive interface, it delivers various superb features that assist in designing professional and engaging content. Among those things you can accomplish with WordPress Editor are creating pages and blogs, adding media, enhancing text styles utilizing headings, fonts, colors, and formatting options, hyperlinking, and adding tags and categories to make content searching easier.

The Genesis of WordPress Editor

First, log in to your WordPress website and proceed to the page or post that you’d wish to edit. On that page or section, you find the WordPress editor, and it’s separated into two parts, the visual editor and text editor. The visual editor shows how the content will look like, while the text editor provides the underlying HTML code. With minimum knowledge in HTML, you can design your content successfully, but at times, it’s useful to switch to the text editor when making complicated changes.

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Creating and Editing Content with WordPress Editor

Design and modify content effortlessly by typing in the visual editor. The toolbar at the top of the editor delivers a myriad of choices for designing your content. Some of the vital keys include:

  • Headings: Use the heading drop-down menu to create headings for your content, which helps organise your text and make it easier to read.
  • Text Styles: Use the text styles drop-down menu to set your content’s style, font size, font family, and color.
  • Bold and Italics: Use “B” and “I” buttons to make text bold or italicized.
  • Underline and Strikethrough: Use “U” and “S” buttons to underline or strikethrough text.
  • Lists: Use “Bulleted List” and “Numbered List” buttons to create bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Hyperlinks: Use the “Link” button to add hyperlinks to your content.

Moreover, other advanced options on WordPress editor include media support, table creation, and more. You’ll find all the options you require by merely clicking on the buttons in the toolbar or revealing the drop-down menus

Adding Images and Media with WordPress Editor

With WordPress Editor, you can efficiently add images and other media to your content. One method of incorporating a photo is by opening the toolbar and clicking on the “Add Media” button. You’ll then need to upload the image from your computer or media library, or you can insert an image from a URL. Once you have the image in your content, use the alignment options to position it on the page. You can also add videos, audio, and other media formats by following the same steps.

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Previewing and Publishing Content

After finishing your content creation, it’s time to preview and publish it. The WordPress editor has a preview button in the right corner, and by clicking it, you can review what your content will look like on your website before publishing it. After reviewing it and making any changes, hit the publish button in the top right corner of the editor’s content area. But, If you’re not ready to publish it yet, you can save it as a draft for future use.


Undoubtedly, the WordPress editor stands out as one of the most powerful editors available. It’s perfect for generating content like product pages, blog posts, and other content pieces. The comprehensive styling options, robust media support, and intuitive interface make WordPress Editor an excellent tool that delivers engaging content for any website.

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