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Do You Wonder Which WordPress Theme a Website Uses?

Have you stumbled upon a visually stunning website and are clueless on how to find out what theme it uses? In this guide, we will explore various ways to identify WordPress themes used by different websites.

Why Identify WordPress Theme Used by a Website?

Before we delve into the various methods of finding the WordPress theme, let’s evaluate the reasons why you would want to know.

  • Inspiration: When you encounter a website with an impressive design, knowing the WordPress theme used can aid in creating a similar design.
  • Compatibility: If you encounter compatibility issues with your current theme, finding a website with a similar niche or design can help find the best switch.
  • Research: Checking out the themes used by other websites in your niche or industry can give you an idea of suitable themes to use for the new website.

4 Methods to Identify the WordPress Theme Used on a Website:

Method 1: Check the website’s source code

You can access a website’s source code by clicking the “View Page Source” option via your browser. Proceed to locate references indicating a specific theme by checking for “wp-content/themes” in the source code.

Method 2: Use online tools

Several online tools, such as What WordPress Theme is That? and WP Theme Detector, can help identify WordPress themes used on a website. These tools scan a website’s source code and display the theme’s name, version, author and link to the theme page.

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Method 3: Read the website’s footer

Another quick way of finding out the WordPress theme used by a website is to look for the theme name in the footer, located at the site’s bottom. If credited in the footer, the theme name, author and link to the theme’s page could easily be located.

Method 4: Ask the website owner

If all other methods fail, you can directly ask the website owner which WordPress theme they are using. This option is effective if you’re unable to identify the theme used by a website using any other method.

By using the methods discussed, you can identify WordPress themes used on different websites, which could inspire you to replicate designs, help you switch themes, inform your research on niche-specific themes or aid in starting a new website.

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