“Unlock the power of WordPress with these easy steps on GoDaddy!”

Get Powerful Online Presence with Godaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

Have you been looking for a perfect platform to build your website or blog? Then, it’s time you try WordPress, one of the most popular Content Management Systems that can help you create, customize, and publish your website. Additionally, by choosing Godaddy, a web-hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting plans at affordable rates, you can get a powerful platform to build your online presence.

Introduction to Godaddy WordPress Hosting Plans

Godaddy offers multiple WordPress hosting plans designed for small and large businesses, individuals, and bloggers. Each plan comes with unique features, offering ease to users. Some of the major features you can enjoy include:

  • Easy WordPress installation: You can install WordPress on Godaddy with just one click.
  • Automatic WordPress core updates: Godaddy automatically updates your WordPress core files to the latest version.
  • Free SSL certificate: Encrypted data transmitted between your site and user’s browsers; making it secure.
  • Free domain name: Some of the Godaddy WordPress hosting plans come with a free domain name.
  • 24/7 customer support: Godaddy provides round-the-clock customer support via phone, email, and live chat.
  • Backup and restore: You can backup and restore your WordPress site using Godaddy’s backup and restore feature.

Choose a Godaddy WordPress Hosting Plan

To set up WordPress on Godaddy, you need to choose a WordPress hosting plan that suits your needs. Godaddy offers four WordPress hosting plans:

  • The Basic plan
  • The Deluxe plan
  • The Ultimate plan
  • The Ecommerce plan
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Each plan has been curated with specific features suitable for different types of websites. You can select your preferred plan based on your website requirements.

Configure Your Domain Name

To set up a WordPress site, you need a domain name. However, if you don’t have one, you can benefit from Godaddy’s à la carte service, where you can search for a domain name using any keywords related to your business or blog. Godaddy will suggest available domain names with different extensions. Once you’ve chosen a domain name, complete the account creation process.

Install WordPress on Godaddy

Once you’ve selected your hosting plan and configured your domain name, Godaddy will install WordPress on your hosting account. After the installation is complete, you’ll have to provide your WordPress credentials to your registered email address. You can now access your newly created website through a temporary WordPress URL.

Log In and Customize Your WordPress Site

To log in to your WordPress site, enter your WordPress URL in your browser’s address bar. You’ll be prompted to enter your WordPress username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you can customize your WordPress site to your liking, choosing a theme, installing plugins, creating pages, and menus.


Setting up WordPress on Godaddy has never been this easy. By choosing a WordPress hosting plan, configuring your domain name, and installing WordPress on Godaddy, you can build a powerful online platform to showcase your business or blog. Don’t forget to contact support if you need any help. Good luck and happy WordPress-ing!

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