“Unlock the Power of WordPress: Discover the Foolproof Guide to Adding Stunning Buttons to Your Site!”

If You Want Buttons on WordPress, You’ve Made a Great Choice!

Buttons are an awesome way to spice up your WordPress site and get visitors clicking. Whether you’re looking for a professional “Contact Us” button or a fun “Download Now”, adding buttons to your WordPress website is a snap. Let’s jump into the confusing world of button-making to see how you can add them to your site today.

Step 1: Get a Button Plugin

The first thing you need to do is find a button plugin. There are tons out there, but for this tutorial, we’ll be using the ‘MaxButtons’ plugin. Go to your WordPress dashboard and head to Plugins > Add New. In the search bar, type in ‘MaxButtons’ and click ‘Install Now’. Once you’ve got it installed, activate it so you can start your button-making journey.

Step 2: Create a Button

Now that you’ve got the plugin installed, it’s time to start creating your button! Go to MaxButtons > Add New and let your creativity run wild. You can pick the size, color, font, and even add an icon to make it look perfect. Decide where the button will lead when clicked by adding a URL. When you’re done, click ‘Save’ and admire your new button.

Step 3: Add the Button to Your Site

With your button in hand, it’s time to add it to your website. One way to do this is by using a shortcode. To find the shortcode for your button, go to MaxButtons > Manage Buttons to see all the buttons you’ve made. Copy the shortcode for the one you want, go to your post or page, and click on ‘Add Block’. Select ‘Shortcode’, and paste the shortcode you copied earlier. Preview your creation, then hit ‘Publish’ to unleash your new button on to your site.

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Step 4: Adding a Button to a Widget

If you want to add a button to your sidebar or footer, you can use a widget. Head to Appearance > Widgets, and find the ‘Button’ widget. Drag and drop it to wherever you want it to show up. Customize the button’s design and enter the URL, then click ‘Save’ to add it to your widget area.

Step 5: Using Gutenberg Editor for Buttons

If you use the Gutenberg editor, you can add buttons using the ‘Button’ block. Click on the ‘Add Block’ button and select ‘Button’. Type in your button text, add a link, and choose the design for the button. Hit ‘Save’, and you’re done!

The Final Word

Adding buttons to WordPress is a snap with the right tools. Use MaxButtons to create any button to match your style, be it for a call-to-action, download, or contact form. You can customize them in the Gutenberg editor or add them to your sidebar and footer with widgets. Take your website to the next level with stunning and effective buttons, and watch your visitors click away.

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