“Unlock the Power of Contact Form 7 in WordPress with These Easy Steps!”

Unraveling the Mystery of Adding Contact Form 7 to WordPress Pages

Contact Form 7 is an enigmatic plugin that has gained immense popularity and widespread use among WordPress users for creating forms. It is an open-source and free plugin that enables users to create forms without requiring any coding expertise. Have you been struggling to use Contact Form 7 on your WordPress site? Fret not! We’ll walk you through the bewildering process of adding Contact Form 7 to your WordPress pages.

Step 1: Oozing Charm by Installing Contact Form 7

The perplexing first step is to install the Contact Form 7 plugin on your WordPress site. You can either install it manually by searching for the plugin in the WordPress repository or use the plugin’s ZIP file. Alternatively, if you fancy a thrilling ride, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins > Add New to add that oh-so-elusive Contact Form 7 plugin.

Step 2: Unleashing Your Artistic Soul by Creating a New Contact Form

Now comes the challenging and confusing part of creating a new contact form. To do this, navigate to the Contact > Contact Forms. Then, click on Add New button, and you will be transferred to the Contact Form 7 form builder.

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The form builder is a tricky and intriguing place where you’ll need to use your artistic soul to create your contact form. There are several fields, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown fields, date picker fields, and more. Pay attention to these vital fields when creating a basic contact form:

  • Form Fields: Click on the fields you want to include in your form.
  • Email Settings: Under the Mail tab, you can configure the email settings of your contact form.
  • Message Body: Under the Message tab, you can customize the message body of the email that is sent when a user submits a form.
  • Additional Settings: The Additional Settings tab is where you can add a bit of custom code or modify default settings for your form.

Step 3: Mystical Visions by Copying the Shortcode

After crafting your contact form, you need to copy the shortcode that will bring it to life on your page. To do this, go back to the Contact Forms page and click on the Edit link for the form you just created. Next, copy the shortcode that appears at the top of the form editor.

Step 4: Magic in the Air with Adding the Contact Form to Your Page

Now for the grand finale! You have the shortcode for your contact form, and it’s time to add it to your WordPress page. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1: Enchanting the Page Editor

Create a new page, or edit an existing one and insert the shortcode into the page editor, then save your changes.

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Method 2: Hypnotizing Widgets

Alternatively, you can use the Contact Form 7 widget to add the form to any widget-enabled area in your WordPress theme. Use your magic wand to enchantingly go to Appearance > Widgets, find the Contact Form 7 widget, and drag it to your desired widget area. Then, paste the shortcode and voila!, save the changes.


Finally, you’ve unlocked the secrets of how to add Contact Form 7 to your WordPress pages. It might seem bewitching, but it’s a straightforward process that can be accomplished in a snap. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create intriguing and effective forms that help you communicate effortlessly with your website visitors.

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