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Perplexing Guide to Discovering WordPress Plugins

For those running a WordPress site, understanding the installed plugins is crucial. These plugins are the biggest segment of WordPress and allow adding extra functionalities such as contact forms or social media sharing buttons.

Discovering the installed plugins in a WordPress site enables one to fathom how it’s constructed and its features. Additionally, web developers and IT professionals utilize this information to troubleshoot problems and security issues.

Method 1: Checking the Plugin Page

The simplest way of discovering the installed WordPress site plugins is by viewing its plugin page. The page contains a list of all currently installed plugins.

To access the page, suffix the site URL with /wp-admin/plugins.php. For example, to access the plugins page on https://www.example.com, append it to https://www.example.com/wp-admin/plugins.php.

Upon accessing the plugins page, an individual sees a rundown of all the active and inactive plugins, and clicking on the plugin names displays more details such as the description, version number, and author.

Method 2: Using a Third-Party Tool

Another method of discovering the installed plugins is via third-party tools such as WPScan, a vulnerability scanner for WordPress sites. WPScan generates a report on themes and plugins used, security issues, and known vulnerabilities used on a scanned WordPress site.

Similarly, WhatWPThemeIsThat is a free online tool that generates a report on themes and plugins used on a WordPress site entered into its search bar.

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Method 3: Checking the Website Source Code

For the HTML and JavaScript conversant individuals, viewing the website source code could suffice in discovering installed plugins. One just needs to right-click anywhere on the website and choose view page source. The source code will then display on the browser’s developer tools.

Search for the word ‘plugins’ and observe the surrounding code to see the plugins utilized on the WordPress site. They appear either as the plugin directory or name.

Method 4: Using a WordPress Plugin

Installing WhatRuns WordPress plugin, a free browser extension detects technologies used on a website, including the installed WordPress plugins. Once installed, it detects and generates a report of all the integrated technologies in a WordPress site.

Upon discovering the installed WordPress site plugins, enthusiasts find understanding the features and troubleshooting issues easier. Consequently, individuals can optimize their sites accordingly to guarantee an up-to-date WordPress plugin development.

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