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Perplexing and Bursting Guide to Using Shortcodes in WordPress

Are you a WordPress beginner struggling to integrate custom content to your website? Fear not! WordPress provides an easy solution with its shortcode feature.

What are Shortcodes in WordPress?

Shortcodes can be best described as minuscule bits of code that allow users to add intricate functionality to their WordPress websites without having a working knowledge of web development. Each shortcode is specific to a plugin, meaning each plugin has its own unique set of shortcodes that generate custom content.

WordPress users can easily add shortcodes to their pages or posts by placing the shortcode in the content editor that will be replaced with their custom content after saving, making website creation and management easy for everybody.

Why use Shortcodes in WordPress?

Shortcodes are an essential and indispensable tool for your WordPress website due to their ability to add complex and custom functionality to the website without the need to learn how to code. They allow you to keep your website organized while adding an advanced and professional touch to it with features like image galleries, contact forms, and social media feeds.

How to Add Shortcodes to Your WordPress Website

Adding shortcodes to your WordPress website is a relatively easy process, and following these simple steps can enable you to do so with ease:

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Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

Before using shortcodes, you must first install and activate the plugin that provides them. Start by logging into your WordPress website, and head over to the “Plugins” section on your dashboard. Click on “Add New” and search for the plugin that you want to use. Once found, click on “Install Now” and then “Activate.” The plugin is now installed and ready to use.

Step 2: Find the shortcode

Each plugin comes with its own set of shortcodes. The shortcode you want to use can be found by checking the plugin’s documentation. Look out for the “Shortcode” section in the documentation, which lists available shortcodes and how to use them. Once you identify the shortcode, you can copy it to your clipboard.

Step 3: Place the shortcode in the content editor

Now that you have found the shortcode, it’s time to place it in the post or page where you want it to appear. Open the page, put your cursor where you want the shortcode to be placed, and paste the shortcode in the content editor. Saving the post or page replaces the shortcode with the custom content it generates.

Step 4: Preview your page

After saving the page, preview it to confirm that the shortcode is working as intended. If everything looks good, the shortcode’s custom content will be visible. If not, it’s time to refer back to the shortcode documentation or get in touch with the plugin developer.


Shortcodes are a fantastic tool for creating custom content on your WordPress website. Remember to consult the plugin documentation before using a shortcode since each plugin has its unique set of shortcodes.

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Shortcodes exist to make your WordPress website stand out and to provide a better experience for your users. It’s time to start using them and creating custom-designed pages and posts!

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