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Understanding the Process of Removing WordPress Footer Branding

WordPress is a widely known content management system that facilitates website management for website owners all around the world. This open-source platform is popularly known for its flexibility, ease of use, and enables users to create stunning websites. However, the WordPress branding present in the footer section of every website may not be desired by some website owners as it may hinder their promotions and identity. Hence, removing the WordPress footer branding can be a complex process, but it is crucial for a personalized touch to the website.

Using a Premium WordPress Theme

A premium WordPress theme is one of the easiest ways to remove WordPress footer branding. Most premium themes do not include branding in the footer section, providing a great option for website owners who do not want to see the WordPress logo on their website. Premium themes are usually customizable and come with additional features to enhance your website’s performance and user experience.

Editing the footer.php File

An alternative approach is to remove the WordPress footer branding by editing the footer.php file in the website’s code editor. This method works great for website owners that opt for a free WordPress theme or do not want to purchase a premium theme.

Using a Plugin

Another alternative for removing the WordPress footer branding is to use a plugin. There are numerous plugins available that can assist website owners in removing the WordPress branding from their website, but the Remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” plugin is the most popular.

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Modifying the functions.php File

Modifying the functions.php file is admired by users that are comfortable with coding. The method involves a bit of advancement and should only be used if you have ample knowledge of website coding.


Removing the WordPress footer branding is a simple process, and website owners can opt for a method that suits them best. Whether modifying the code or using a plugin, the goal remains the same: creating a professional-looking website that is personalized to the brand’s identity.

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