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What is HTML and Visual Studio?

HTML is a markup language, which is remarkably used to create and structure content on the web, while Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) which is a tool for professionals with expert experience, performing the creation of Web applications from scratch and debugging.

Creating a new HTML file in Visual Studio

It’s crucial to begin by creating a new project in Visual Studio, to do this, choose “File” from the main menu, and then “New” and “Project” and other options that will cause the installation to complete. Afterward, you can add a new HTML file to it by right-clicking on the shown name of the project, selecting “Add,” and then “New Item.” After this, Visual Studio will create a unique HTML file relevant to your project and your artistic flairs.

Writing HTML code in Visual Studio

To write HTML code in Visual Studio is no different from writing HTML code in any other text editor. To ensure consistency in your work, several best practices are recommended, including indenting the text at each level by using spaces instead of tabs, using HTML elements for their intended purpose, following coding conventions, and adding comments to provide more context and explain what the code does.

Running and testing HTML code in Visual Studio

To test your HTML code in Visual Studio, you need to access the built-in web server. Simply click “debug” from the main menu, then choose “Start Debugging” or press F5 to open your HTML page in a web browser. Once your HTML code is running on the browser, interact with the page elements for effective testing. The F12 key can also be used to launch developer tools and implement debugging.

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In conclusion

Overall, using HTML in Visual Studio is an exceptional way to produce and edit web applications. By following coding best practices and utilizing the debugging tools incorporated in the system, you can ensure that your HTML code is organized, effective, and easy to manage.

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