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How to Add Twitter to Your WordPress Site

Twitter has taken the world by storm as one of the most popular social media platforms. It’s a great tool for promoting your WordPress site and increasing engagement. But, how do you add Twitter to WordPress? Let’s take a look at the steps.

Step 1: Install a Twitter Plugin

The first step to adding Twitter to your WordPress site is to install a Twitter plugin. There are several Twitter plugins available, such as WP Twitter Feeds and Twitter Widget Pro. To install, go to Plugins → Add New and search for the plugin you want to use. Install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Create a Twitter App

Next, create a Twitter app by visiting the Twitter Developer website and signing up for a developer account. Once you’re signed up, click on the “Create an App” button. Fill in the details for your app and agree to the terms of service. You’ll be given a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, which you’ll need to enter in the Twitter plugin settings.

Step 3: Authorize the Twitter App

After creating your app, authorize it to allow access to your Twitter account by clicking on the “Authorize Application” button in the Twitter plugin settings. Follow the instructions to grant access to the app.

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Step 4: Configure the Twitter Plugin Settings

Configure the Twitter plugin settings. They may vary depending on the plugin you’re using. Generally, you can enter your Twitter username or ID, select the number of tweets to display, and choose the layout and design of the feed. Options to display retweets, replies, and hashtags may also be available.

Step 5: Display the Twitter Feed

Depending on the plugin, you can display the Twitter feed using a widget or shortcode. To display using a widget, go to Appearance → Widgets and drag the Twitter widget to the desired widget area. To display using a shortcode, copy the shortcode provided in the Twitter plugin settings and paste it into the desired page or post.


Adding Twitter to your WordPress site is a great way to increase engagement and attract more visitors. Follow these simple steps to easily add Twitter to your site and display the feed in a visually appealing way. Give it a try and see how it helps grow your website traffic!

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