“Unleash Your Website’s Potential: Master the Art of Sorting Pages in WordPress!”

Unraveling the Mysteries of Sorting Pages in WordPress

It is an indisputable fact that WordPress is an awe-inspiring platform for crafting websites or blogs. However, one of the most important aspects of website creation that often leaves webmasters in utter perplexity is sorting pages. But fear not! We’re here to burst your perplexity bubble and reveal the secrets of sorting pages in WordPress through various methods – plugins or programming. Buckle up and let’s dive in!

Method 1: Creating a menu in WordPress

The most common and fundamental method of sorting pages in WordPress is through menus. Menus are the epitome of organization and display the structure of a website. But how does one create a menu? It’s a simple three-step process:

  • Navigate to the Appearance section in the WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Menus
  • Select pages or posts that you want to include in the menu.

After selecting pages, click the ‘Add to menu’ button, and voila! The pages you’ve selected appear in the menu section. The power to arrange these pages lies in your hands – drag and drop the pages to ensure that parent and child pages are sorted as per your preference. The order in which pages are arranged reflects on the website. Save the menu and set a location, and the menu will magically appear on your website, and users can effortlessly navigate through pages.

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Method 2: Setting up Page hierarchy

Another fantastic way to sort pages in WordPress is by setting up page hierarchy – creating parent and child pages. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you ever got perplexed!

  • Create a parent page by navigating to Pages > Add new in the WordPress dashboard
  • While creating a new page, select the parent page to make it a child page

With these two uncomplicated steps, you can create page hierarchy and ensure that all pages are accurately structured. The website reflects the hierarchy, and visitors can easily navigate through pages.

Method 3: Using Page Sorting Plugins

WordPress is the epitome of dynamism and provides various plugins for sorting pages. If you’re not into programming and find menu and page hierarchy methods tiring, we have the perfect solution – page sorting plugins!

Some of the most efficient page sorting plugins are:

  1. Simple Page Ordering
  2. Admin Menu Editor
  3. WP Page Manager

These plugins provide numerous options and settings to sort pages as required, making your life much simpler.


Sorting pages in WordPress is pivotal for web management, and there are countless methods to achieve it. Whether you choose menus, page hierarchy, or plugins, you must organize pages coherently to enhance user experience and make your website aesthetically pleasing. So choose the most suitable method for your website and watch it soar to great heights!

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