“Unleash Your Website’s Potential: Learn the Ultimate Trick to Add a Subscribe Button in WordPress!”

Building Followers Made Easy with Mailchimp for WordPress

Subscribing is paramount for every blogger or website owner as it notifies followers of promotions, activity updates and new content. In this article, we will be exploring a walk-through of adding a subscribe button to a WordPress site with ease.

Using Mailchimp for WordPress Plugin

There are several methods of adding a subscribe button to a WordPress site, but we recommend using the Mailchimp for WordPress, a reliable and straightforward plugin. Mailchimp for WordPress is an email marketing tool that integrates well with WordPress, allowing website owners to manage and send newsletters, and create efficient email campaigns.

Adding a Mailchimp Account

The first step in adding a subscribe button is to visit the Mailchimp website and sign up by providing essential details like email, username, and password. Once you confirm you’re not a robot, click on the ‘get started’ button.

Create an Email List

Create an email list where your subscribers’ email addresses will be stored and organized. Go to your Mailchimp account dashboard and click on ‘Lists.’ Select ‘Create List’ and fill in the relevant details like list name, ‘From Email’ and ‘From Name.’ Click the ‘Create’ button to proceed.

Install and Activate Mailchimp Plugin

To install and activate Mailchimp, log in to your WordPress dashboard, click on ‘Plugins,’ and then ‘Add New.’ In the search bar, type in ‘Mailchimp for WordPress, ‘click on the ‘Install Now’ button, and then ‘Activate.’

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Configure the Plugin

After installing and activating the Mailchimp plugin, connect your Mailchimp account by entering your API key into the field provided. You can find your API key by logging in to Mailchimp and clicking on ‘Account’ and ‘Extras’. From there, click on ‘API keys.’ Once you’ve entered your API key, click on the ‘Save changes’ button to complete configuration.

Create Subscription Forms

Now, you need to create a subscription form for your website. Click on ‘Forms’ from the Mailchimp for WordPress dashboard. Choose whether you’d like the form to be displayed as a popup or inline. You’ll find various form templates to select from, but we recommend using the ‘General Forms.’ Personalize it by adding your brand logo or modifying the text.

Add the Subscription Form to Your Website

Add the subscription form to your WordPress site by navigating to Appearance > Widgets. Click on the ‘Mailchimp Subscription Form’ widget and drag it to the sidebar or widget area you want it displayed.


Building a loyal following and attracting new visitors is vital for every blogger and website owner. With the Mailchimp plugin, adding a subscribe button to your WordPress site has become easier than ever before. You don’t have to worry about coding skills or technical knowledge; you can implement the Mailchimp subscription form through a few steps and start building your email list today.

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