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Perplexity and Burstiness: Removing WordPress Branding

The ubiquity of WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS is an open-source software platform that has gained significant usage worldwide to manage website content. Its ease of use, cost-effective pricing, and extensibility have made it a popular choice. However, with its usage comes the caveat of WordPress branding that typically appears in the website footer and dashboard login screen, which detracts from brand uniformity. To remove this branding, there are several methods to follow.

Method 1: The Plugin Route

The easiest and most straightforward way of removing WordPress branding is through plugins. For instance:

  1. Remove Footer Credit – a plugin that removes “Powered by WordPress” text from the footer. Install and activate the plugin, go to Appearance > Customize > Remove Footer Credit, input your preferred text, and click on Publish.
  2. White Label CMS – a plugin that allows customization of the logo, color scheme, text, and removal of WordPress branding from the login screen. After activating the plugin, go to Settings > White Label CMS, customize the options to reflect your brand, and implement the changes.

Method 2: Editing the footer.php File

If you are comfortable editing code, use this method by:

  1. Login to your website and go to Appearance > Editor
  2. Click on Footer.php file
  3. Seek the line with WordPress branding information and remove it
  4. Click on Update and refresh your website to apply changes.
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Method 3: Using a Child Theme

Create a child theme that inherits the parent’s theme styles and functionality. To achieve this:

  1. Login to your website and go to Appearance > Theme Editor
  2. Click on Header.php file
  3. Copy its content and save it in a text editor
  4. Save it as Header.php and upload it to the child theme folder.

Add the following code to the child theme’s style.css file:

  1. Activate your child theme
  2. Edit the header.php file, remove WordPress branding code and save the file
  3. Refresh your website to witness the changes

Wrapping Up

You’ve got several techniques to remove WordPress branding and complement your brand identity. With the above methods, you can create a more professional-looking website out of your WordPress CMS platform favicon.

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