“Unleash Your Site to the World: Insider Tips to Publish Your WordPress Site from Localhost!”

What is WordPress Development and How Can You Transfer a Localhost to a Live Server?


Are you wondering how to manage your website with ease? WordPress has got you covered! As one of the most popular CMS platforms, WordPress allows developers to create and manage websites with flexibility and convenience. In this article, we will dive into the process of publishing a WordPress site from a localhost to a live server.

What is localhost?

Localhost refers to the local server used for testing and modifying websites without affecting the live site. By setting up a local development environment on a computer, developers can make changes without altering the site’s functioning.

Steps to publish a WordPress site from a localhost

Step 1: Export the database from the localhost

Before transferring files to the live server, we must export the database. This can be done utilizing a tool such as phpMyAdmin or WP Migrate DB.

Step 2: Upload files to the live server

Next, we need to upload the WordPress files to the live server through an FTP client (such as FileZilla) or cPanel file manager.

Step 3: Import the database to the live server

After creating a new database on your live server, select the database, import the SQL file, and click the Go button.

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Step 4: Update the URLs in the database

To update URLs in the database to match the live server domain name, the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin comes in handy. Simply install and activate, enter the old and new domain name, tick all boxes except GUIDs, then click “Update URLs.”

Step 5: Test the website

Lastly, test the website to confirm functionality and ensure that it is working correctly.


By following these simple steps, transferring your localhost WordPress site to a live server can be achieved with ease. Remember to always back up your files and database before making any changes to your website.

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