“Unleash Your Programming Skills: Learn How to Design a Mind-Blowing Menu Using Visual Studio 2019!”

Creating a Menu in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019 is a popular IDE used by developers to create software applications. One of its key features is the ability to build GUIs that allow users to interact with your program. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a menu in Visual Studio 2019.

Step 1: Creating a New Project

To create a new project in Visual Studio, go to File > New > Project from the main menu. Choose the type of project you want to create, give it a name and location, then click Create.

Step 2: Adding a MenuStrip Control

To add a menu to your application, you need to add a MenuStrip control to your form. Select the form in the Solution Explorer and drop a MenuStrip control from the Toolbox onto the form using Ctrl+Alt+X.

Step 3: Adding Menu Items

Select the MenuStrip control and click the drop-down arrow on the control’s right side to open the Items collection. From here, add new menu items by clicking Add or edit existing items by double-clicking them.

Step 4: Configuring Menu Items

Select a menu item and use the Properties window to set its properties. For example, change the text on the menu item or define the action that occurs when the item is clicked. Add submenus by setting the Parent property to the parent menu item.

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Step 5: Testing Your Menu

Test the menu by running the application using Debug > Start Debugging or F5. The menu will appear, and you can click on each item to see the action it performs.


Creating a menu in Visual Studio 2019 is a simple process that can be completed in a few steps. You can create menus that allow users to interact with your application easily. Visual Studio provides the tools and functionality you need to create professional-looking and highly functional menus that will help your users get the most out of your software. Whether you’re creating a simple application or a complex enterprise-level system, using Visual Studio makes building GUIs and menus a breeze.

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