“Unleash Your Inner Web Designer: Create and Sell Your Own Customized WordPress Templates with These Simple Steps!”

Perplexing and Bursting with Energy: Make WordPress Templates to Sell

Step 1: Who Are You Talking To?

So, you want to make some WordPress templates, huh? Well, before you embark on this complicated and confusing journey, you need to figure out who you’re trying to sell to. Ask yourself:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What industries do they work in?
  • What kind of websites are they looking for?
  • Do they want specific features, functions or designs?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you create the perfect template for your customers.

Step 2: Scour the Market

Once you know who your customers are, you need to figure out what templates are already out there. Research popular WordPress template marketplaces like ThemeForest and CreativeMarket to see what’s currently in demand. This will give you a better idea of what to create to stay ahead of the competition.

Step 3: Get the Specs

Now that you know who you’re selling to and what they want, you need to gather all the project requirements. This includes everything from features to design elements to specific specs. If your audience is small business owners, for example, be sure to include contact forms for lead generation and essential plugins.

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Step 4: Prototype Like a Pro

Before you jump into the actual development, you need to create a wireframe or mockup of what you’re going to build. This is the visual representation that will guide your development and give you a sense of how the template will look and work. It’s essential to get this step right to avoid any errors and problems later on.

Step 5: Let the Magic Begin

The actual development is where your skills shine. Translate your designs into code and make sure the template includes all the necessary features and functions you gathered in the project requirements. Make sure it’s responsive to different screen sizes- from desktop to mobile devices.

Step 6: Refine Until it’s Just Right

Before you sell your creation to the masses, make sure it’s working correctly and looks great. Test it out on different browsers and devices to see if there are any issues. Make sure it’s easy to use and includes all documentation and support your customers need to use it. Fix any problems, refine and improve your template so that it’s just right.

Step 7: Shout it from the Rooftops!

Now it’s time to sell your creation. You can sell it on popular marketplaces like ThemeForest or Mojo Marketplace, or even directly from your site. Provide clear documentation and support for your customers to avoid any confusion.


Creating and selling WordPress templates is a lot of work. But with the right plan and dedication, you can create a template that meets your customer’s expectations and generates significant revenue. So get started, and let your creativity flow!

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