“Unleash Your Inner Designer: A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering NextGen Gallery in WordPress!”

Welcome to the World of NextGEN Gallery: Making WordPress Websites Colorful and Lively With User-Friendly Galleries!

Install and Activate NextGEN Gallery

Do you want your website to look dynamic and eye-catching? Then NextGEN Gallery is the perfect plugin for you! The installation process is straightforward. Let’s begin by navigating to Plugins > Add New on the WordPress dashboard. Type NextGEN Gallery in the search bar, hit Enter, and the plugin will appear in the search results. Click on the “Install Now” button, and our color journey begins!

Creating a Gallery

Now that the plugin is activated, you can see a new menu item named Gallery in the WordPress dashboard. By clicking on it and then “Add Gallery/Images,” you can create your colorful gallery. With the various features like image watermarking, thumbnails, and slideshows, you can breathe life into the pictures.

Configuring Gallery Display Settings

How do I configure my gallery display settings to make it lively? Click on the “Galleries” tab, choose your gallery and configure the display settings. Whether thumbnail, slideshow, or mosaic style, let your colors shine through!

Adding Galleries to Pages or Posts

Now that you have created and configured your gallery, let’s add it to your pages or posts! Open the editor, click on the Add NextGEN Gallery icon, select your gallery, and configure your settings for display, and click on “Save.” Voila! Your website is now bursting with color!

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Additional Features

What if I want to add more effects to my gallery? NextGEN Gallery is jam-packed with additional features like watermarking images, applying tags, importing and exporting galleries from other websites running NextGEN Gallery, and adding lightbox effects. Your website is now colorful and vibrant, a feast for the eyes!


NextGEN Gallery is the perfect tool to add dynamic and colorful galleries to your WordPress website. With its user-friendly interface, you can create, configure and publish your galleries in no time. So why wait? Let’s color your website with NextGEN Gallery!

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