“Unleash the Power of Your Words! Learn How to Effortlessly Wrap Text Around Images in WordPress”

Perplexing Yet Bursting with Information: How to Wrap Text Around an Image in WordPress

For bloggers, content marketers, and website owners, adding images to a WordPress site is crucial to keep the audience engaged. However, it’s essential to ensure that the images are the right size and position to complement the content instead of detracting from it. One way to optimize the image is to know how to wrap text around it.

What is Wrapping Text Around an Image in WordPress?

By default, when an image is inserted into a WordPress site, it appears at the center of the page with no surrounding text. Wrapping text around an image permits content creators to position the image on the right or left of the text and allow the text to flow around it. Consequently, it enhances the look of the page and improves the readability of the content.

Methods of Wrapping Text Around an Image

Wrapping text around images in WordPress can be achieved using the visual editor or HTML and CSS.

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Method 1: Using the Visual Editor

For those not familiar with HTML and CSS, using the WYSIWYG visual editor that allows formatting and editing content as you go is recommended.

Step 1: Inserting the Image

Begin by clicking the “Add Media” button on top of the editor and choosing the preferred image. After selecting it, scroll down to the “Attachment Display Settings” section on the right.

Step 2: Choosing Alignment and Size Options

You can choose the image’s size and position on this section by picking from available options. Ensure that you select an appropriate image size as it could distort the image. Finally, click “Insert into Post”.

Step 3: Adding Text to the Post

Add text to the post as usual, positioning the cursor where the text will wrap around the image.

Step 4: Aligning the Image

After clicking on the image in the visual editor, buttons will pop up around it. Click on the button that corresponds to the desired alignment, either left or right. The image will move accordingly, and the text will wrap around it.

Step 5: Adjusting the Spacing

The text may appear too close to the image, detracting from the overall appeal. Click on the image and select the “Edit” button. The subsequent pop-up window will allow you to adjust the spacing between the image and the text. Click “Update” when satisfied.

Method 2: Using HTML and CSS

This method requires one to be familiar with HTML and CSS, as it offers more control over positioning and style.

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Step 1: Inserting the Image

Follow Step 1 of the first method to insert the image into the post.

Step 2: Adding HTML Code to Align the Image

Where you want to appear, type the following HTML code:

<img src=”your-image-url” alt=”your-image-description” style=”float:left”>

To align the image to the right, use this code:

<img src=”your-image-url” alt=”your-image-description” style=”float:right”>

Step 3: Adding CSS Code to Style the Image

If you want more styling options for the image, add CSS code to the post, such as:

img.alignleft {
border: 1px solid #CCC;
margin: 10px;

Change “alignleft” to “alignright” to apply the changes to the image aligned to the right.

The Bottom Line

Wrapping text around an image enhances the visuals of the content, making it more appealing to the audience. Whether using the visual editor or HTML and CSS, the process of wrapping text around an image in WordPress is easy. By following the steps provided in this article, anyone can create visually stunning content in no time.

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