“Unleash the Power of Visual Studio 2019: Discover the Simple Steps to Add a Report Viewer!”

Adding a Report Viewer in Visual Studio 2019: The Ultimate Guide

Are you feeling perplexed by the thought of adding a report viewer in Visual Studio 2019? Fear not, dear reader! With the right guidance, this seemingly daunting task can become a burst of creative energy. A report viewer is a powerful tool that can transform your data reports into user-friendly works of art. Let us guide you through the step-by-step process of adding a report viewer in Visual Studio 2019.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Firstly, you need to create a new project in Visual Studio 2019 by selecting “File” > “New” > “Project” and choosing “Visual C#”. Then, select “Windows Forms App(.NET Framework)”.

Step 2: Add a Report Viewer Control

Adding a report viewer control requires you to add a new item to your project. Right-click on the current project in your Solution Explorer, hover over “Add”, and select “New item”. Choose “Reporting” under “Visual C# Items”, and select “Report” from the list of templates. Give your report a name and click “Add”.

Step 3: Design Your Report

The design phase is where the magic happens. From the toolbox, drag and drop the items you want to display onto the report. You can add charts, tables, and graphs to your report to visualize your data. Once the design is complete, save the report.

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Step 4: Add a Report Viewer Control to the Form

To add the report viewer control to the form, go back to your project in the Solution Explorer, right-click on your form, and select “View Designer”. Then, select “ReportViewer” from the toolbox and drag and drop it onto the form.

Step 5: Connect Your Report and ReportViewer Control

To connect your report and report viewer control, go to the properties panel of the report viewer control, and click on the “Report” property. In the dropdown menu, select your report.

Step 6: Display the Report

Last but not least, it’s time to display your report. Run your project, and you should see the report viewer control displaying your report. You can browse through the report and interact with its various elements.


In conclusion, adding a report viewer in Visual Studio 2019 is a burst of creativity that can greatly enhance the capabilities of your project. By following the six steps outlined above, you can create professional-quality reports in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Harness the power of this robust tool and improve your data reporting today!

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