“Unleash the Power of Stellar Branding: The Ultimate Guide to Uploading Your Own Favicon in WordPress!”


If you hold a website or a blog, you must be well acquainted with the term Favicon. This lively little icon plays a very significant role in enhancing the credibility and online recognition of your brand among visitors. In addition to this, it instills an element of uniqueness separating your website from the multitudes that clog the internet.

If WordPress is your go-to Content Management System, then consider it a cakewalk for uploading your Favicon. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1:Choose Your Favicon

Before starting, you have to select the image that is most suitable to your needs. It has to have a particular set of features:

  • – Be 16 by 16 pixels in size
  • – In .ico, .jpg, .png or .gif format
  • – Less than 100KB in size

You can create your Favicon design by using image editing software, by accessing websites which offer free services or generate them on commercial Favicon creators.

Step 2: Save the Favicon File

Saving the file is the next step. In case you used an editing software for the design, make sure to save it as .ico, .png or .gif format. Remember to save it in an accessible place on your computer. If you used Favicon generators online, then the image will automatically record in the correct format.

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Step 3: Log in to WordPress Dashboard

Start by logging into WordPress by providing your username and password, and you will land in the browsing dashboard. This comes as an interface to carry out all site maintenance tasks, including uploading a favicon.

Step 4: Proceed to Appearance

After signing in successfully, locate”Appearance” on the left side of the dashboard menu,where you can select “Customize.”

Step 5: Choose Site Identity

In the Customization menu, search for the “Site Identity” tab on the left side. By clicking on this, you will find several customization options.

Step 6: Choose “Select Logo” Button

Followed by clicking on the “Select Logo” button which comes under the “Site Identity” tab, where you’re prompted to upload the previously saved Favicon image. Resist the temptation to shy away from the challenge and upload the image to WordPress from your computer, or alternatively select an already existing image from your media library.

Step 7: Choose the Favicon You Have Saved

After clicking on the “Upload” tab, choose your Favicon image from your computer by uploading it to WordPress. You can also select an already uploaded image from your WordPress media library.

Step 8: Preview and Publish

Nearing the end, preview your Favicon and ensure that you’ve saved and published all the necessary changes made to your website’s branding. To finalize your Favicon upload, click “Save & Publish.”


Uploading a Favicon to WordPress might seem intimidating at first, but a few simple steps will have you covered in no time. A professional-looking Favicon can make your website and brand stand out from the crowd by showcasing your identity efficiently. Choose a unique yet comprehendible image that adheres to the size specifications and file size limit, respectively. After following through with these steps, you’ve paved the way for a far-reaching and unique online presence.

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