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Duplicator: The WordPress Plugin That Makes Site Migration Effortless

As a website developer, designer, or blogger, you may find it challenging to backup, migrate, and transfer your WordPress site to different locations or servers. However, with Duplicator, an essential WordPress plugin, this process becomes seamless. Duplicator creates a full backup of your website files, themes, plugins, databases, and configurations, eliminating the need for a manual site migration.

Steps to Use Duplicator WordPress Plugin for Stress-Free Site Migration

Step 1: Install the Duplicator Plugin

Visit your WordPress plugin directory and search for Duplicator by Snap Creek. Install and activate the plugin by clicking on “Duplicator” in the main WordPress menu.

Step 2: Create a Package

Click on “Create New” to be redirected to the package creation page. Click on the “Next button” to start the creating package process.

Step 3: Choose the Settings

Edit the package name, choose file type and size, customize package settings, and select where to store the package.

Step 4: Create the Package

Make a package by clicking on the “Create” button. Download the installation files and archive by clicking on the “One-Click Download” button.

Step 5: Migrate Your Website to a New Host

Upload the installed files and archive to the server folder where you want to install the new site.

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Step 6: Run the Installer Script

Access your Duplicator package file and run the installer script. Follow the on-screen installation process.

Step 7: Managing Your Website

Delete the installer files and clear the database related data after installation. Keep backups of your website for future use.


Duplicator simplifies the daunting task of migrating your WordPress website. By following the steps above, you can successfully transfer your site to a new location or server without complications. Duplicator makes site migration stress-free.

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