“Unleash the Power of C++ with Creativity: Master Visual Studio 2019 to Compile Your Code like a Pro!”

Perplexing and Bursting Guide for Compiling C++ Programs Using Visual Studio 2019

Step 1: Installation of Visual Studio 2019

If you are a newbee to C++ programming and have no idea how to compile your code, then this is the right place you have landed at! It can be extremely perplexing, but with Visual Studio 2019, it is a piece of cake. To begin with the complications, the first step involves installing Visual Studio 2019 from software provider Microsoft website. Different stores of Microsoft website offer different versions of the software, depending on the user’s requirements. After you have downloaded the installer, run it and follow prompts to successfully install the software.

Step 2: Creating a new C++ project

Once you have successfully installed Visual Studio 2019, the next step is to create a new C++ project. To add to your burstiness, launch Visual Studio and select ‘Create a new project’ from the start page. In the new project pop up dialog box, select ‘Visual C++’ from the left-hand menu and then pick ‘Windows Desktop’ from the project types. For your further assistance, various templates are available in your service, such as ‘Console application’ or ‘Windows Desktop app’ depending on your specific needs and desires.

Step 3: Writing C++ code

The next step involves writing C++ code in the main.cpp file. This is the platform where you will give logic to your program and its respective functions. In case, you require any additional header files or special libraries, feel free to integrate them into your project.

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Step 4: Building your project

For your further perplexity, your next step involves building your project. You can do this by selecting ‘Build’ from the main menu or by pressing the F7 button. Doing so, will compile your code and create a binary executable file, which you can run on your device.

Step 5: Running your code

To run your C++ code, press the F5 button or select “Start debugging” from the Debug menu. This will run your program, giving you the option to test and debug any issues you may run into.


In conclusion, Visual Studio 2019 is here to burst your perplexities offering a straightforward and simple process to compile your C++ program. By following these five unique and tricky steps, you can quickly create your projects, build them and get testing with utmost ease. Whether you a newbie or a seasoned programmer, Visual Studio 2019 will help you in executing all your ideas into a working program with ease.

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