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If You Want to Remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” Text

Have you noticed that your WordPress website has the text “Proudly powered by WordPress” in the footer? While some may be okay with this subtle reference, others may want to remove it to make their site look more professional. Don’t worry, because removing this text is actually quite simple!

Prepare Before You Edit

To remove the text, you will need to edit the website’s code. Before doing so, make sure to have a backup of your files. Also, if you are using a WordPress theme that is not made by you, check if the theme author allows modifications to the footer. Some authors require that you keep their credits as a form of copyright protection.

The Steps to Remove the Text

Step 1: Accessing Your Website’s Files

The first step is to access your website’s files. The most common method is to use FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Use an FTP client such as FileZilla to connect to your website’s server, and then find your site’s files and folders.

Step 2: Find the footer.php File

Next, find the footer.php file, which contains the code for the footer of your website, including the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text. In most cases, it is in the wp-content/themes folder.

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Step 3: Edit the footer.php File

Now it’s time to edit the footer.php file. Open the file using a code editor such as Notepad++ and look for the line of code with the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text. Simply delete the entire line of code or comment it out by adding comments like this: <!– before and –> after the text.

Step 4: Clear Your website’s Cache

Finally, clear your website’s cache because it may have cached the old footer.php file. If you are using a caching plugin, clear the cache from the plugin’s settings. If not, you can clear your browser’s cache or use a tool like WP Rocket.


Removing the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text from your website is easy, but editing the code of your website is a serious task. Always have a backup of your files in case something goes wrong, and check if your WordPress theme allows modifications to the footer. By following these steps, you can remove the text and make your website look more professional and cultured.

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