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How to Reduce Padding in WordPress

Are you a WordPress user or developer who has noticed excessive spacing or padding in WordPress themes? While some padding is necessary, too much can make a website cluttered and unprofessional. In this article, we’ll explore some ways to reduce padding in WordPress.

1. Use a Customizable Theme

Choosing a theme that offers customization options is a simple way to reduce padding in WordPress. Look for themes that provide options for customizing padding, margin spacing, and overall spacing adjustments. Themes like Astra Pro, Kadence, and GeneratePress offer extensive customization options that can help you reduce padding.

2. Use a Plugin

If your theme doesn’t provide customization options, or they don’t meet your needs, consider using a plugin to adjust padding or margin. Plugins like Simple Custom CSS and JS or CSSHero allow you to add custom CSS code to your theme. Alternatively, plugins like Easy Custom CSS, SiteOrigin CSS, and WP Add Custom CSS enable adding custom CSS without modifying theme files.

3. Adjust Padding in Sidebar Widgets

The sidebar is another area where excessive padding can be problematic. To adjust padding in sidebar widgets, locate the sidebar.php file in the WordPress theme editor, add a padding property to the style definition, and adjust as desired.

4. Modify functon.php

More advanced users can modify the functions.php file to add custom functions that affect the theme’s visual display. To edit functions.php, navigate to the dashboard, select Appearance > Editor, then click on functions.php. From here, add custom functions to modify the theme’s padding.

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5. Use Custom CSS

Finally, writing custom CSS code is a great way to reduce padding in specific sections of your WordPress website. Custom CSS code allows overriding the default styles and tweaking the look and feel of your website. To write custom CSS code, navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, and add the custom CSS code required to reduce padding in the desired sections.


Reducing padding in WordPress can help you create a sleek, minimalistic website that emphasizes content over clutter. WordPress offers numerous customization options, but users and developers can always fine-tune website padding through a variety of methods. The goal is to make your website visually appealing and easy to navigate while focusing on user experience. Happy coding!

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