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WordPress is an utterly enthralling platform that has completely shaken up the world of website building. With its user-friendly design, it allows us regular folks to create stunning websites without needing to be some coding prodigy. But even the most seasoned WordPress users know how easy it is to make mistakes. For instance, you may have inadvertently deleted a crucial post or tampered with the wrong website section. Whatever the cause, there is a way to get things back on track.

Undoing Changes using WordPress Revisions

In situations where you have made modifications to posts or pages, WordPress automatically saves various revisions, which can help in case you need to go back to a previous version. Undoing the changes with the help of WordPress revisions is an effortless process. Here is a step-by-step breakdown:

Step 1: Open the Post or Page editor

Start by heading to Posts > All Posts or Pages > All Pages. Here, you can locate and select the post or page that you want to restore.

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Step 2: Check the Revisions

Scroll down to the post/page editor and click the “Revisions” box on the right side. All the previously saved versions of the page will appear here.

Step 3: Restore a Previous Version

To get back to a previous version, simply click on the revision you would like to restore in the revisions box.

Step 4: Publish the Restored Page

Once you have selected the revision, it opens up in the editor. Verify if it matches your requirements, and then click on “Restore This Revision.” If necessary, make any necessary alterations and click on the “Update” button.

Using WordPress revisions is among the simplest ways of undoing changes, such as publishing posts accidentally or modifying the website by accident.

Undoing Changes using Backup Plugins

If you have made modifications to your website theme or plugins, the WordPress revision feature won’t be much help. Here, you need to restore a previous version of the website using backup plugins.

A wide range of backup plugins are available, such as UpdraftPlus, Jetpack, and VaultPress, which regularly back up your website. When looking to restore an earlier version of the site with the use of plugins, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install and Activate the Plugin

From your WordPress Admin Panel, select your preferred backup plugin and install it.

Step 2: Access the Backup

Using your backup plugin’s dashboard, choose the backup version you wish to restore.

Step 3: Restore the Backup

Some plugins may require an upgrade to a premium version, while others are free of charge. Follow the instructions provided to restore the backup.

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Step 4: Verify Your Website

Double-check the website for issues and ensure it is working correctly. If any problems arise, restore an earlier version or solicit professional assistance.

Undoing Changes Manually

Going hands-on is also a choice for undoing changes, which entails accessing the WordPress dashboard as well as the cPanel or other hosting platform where your website is stored.

Step 1: Open the cPanel of Your Website

Enter your login details to access your website’s cPanel account.

Step 2: Navigate to “File Manager”

Browse through the file manager and locate the “public_html” directory that stores your website files.

Step 3: Find the File You Want to Restore

Check the backup date, locate the backup file from the date of the changes you want to undo, and select it.

Step 4: Restore the Selected File

Right-click the chosen file and select “Restore” or “Copy.” After restoring the file, your website will revert to its earlier version.

By keeping backup files, you can undo changes made at any time without the need for backup plugins or automated solutions while paying nothing.


As you navigate website maintenance and modifications, mistakes are inevitable. But knowing how to undo changes is essential to your website’s safety and your data’s security. This guide will assist you in selecting the best undoing changes method for your website, from the simple to the hands-on.

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