“Say Goodbye to Cluttered Web Designs: Learn How to Effortlessly Remove Boring Background Images on WordPress!”

Unleashing the Mystery behind Removing Background Image in WordPress

WordPress gives you the power to manage your website with its thousand features and functionalities that meet your needs. But, there are times when we are challenged with seemingly mind-boggling WordPress issues that make us feel lost in the labyrinth of the internet world. One of these issues is removing a background image in WordPress, which is no less than a conundrum. However, don’t sweat! This article will walk you through a labyrinth of steps to remove the background image in WordPress.

Why Remove Background Image in WordPress?

Several WordPress themes come up with pre-designed background images that might not be in line with your brand or content, or perhaps not blend well with the overall design of your website. In such scenarios, you might need to remove the background image in WordPress to make your website more visually appealing and engaging for your visitors.

Step-by-Step Guide: Removing Background Image in WordPress

Step 1: Access WordPress Dashboard

The first step in removing a background image in WordPress is to access the WordPress dashboard. To log in to the dashboard, just type in your website address followed by “/wp-admin/” in your web browser, and voila!

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Step 2: Go to Customizer

Once inside the dashboard, you need to navigate towards the “Appearance” on the left side and click on “Customization”. Here, you will find several options to customize your website, including background images.

Step 3: Select Background Image

Within the customizer, click on the “Background Image” option, which will reveal the current background image on your website. You can also select an image or leave it as it is.

Step 4: Save Changes

After selecting the “Remove” or “No image” button, click on the “Save & Publish” button to save your changes. Your dashboard will take you back to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 5: Check Your Website

Lastly, open your website in a new browser window to check whether the background image has been removed or not. If the image is still there, just clear your website cache and reload the page.


Removing a background image in WordPress might seem like no less than a puzzle, but this guide has hopefully unraveled the mystery for you in a burst of clarity. And, if you are still facing issues, seek help from WordPress developers or support teams. Furthermore, remember that your website’s appearance is vital to make a lasting impression on your audience. So, make sure you choose the right background image or remove it altogether to make your website visually captivating and relevant to your target audience.

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