“Say Goodbye to Annoying Headers and Footers in Your WordPress Site with These Simple Tips!”

Perplexing Ways to Eliminate Header and Footer on WordPress

Why is Header and Footer Crucial?

WordPress, without any doubt, is among the most popular platforms for creating online stores, websites, and blogs. The theme’s crucial role is in representing the site and making it unique. One such customisation includes eliminating the header and footer of your WordPress theme.

How Can You Eliminate Header and Footer in WordPress?

By default, WordPress themes come with a header and footer section that appears at each page’s top and bottom. These sections are customised and include essential information such as the site title, menu, logo, widget area or copyright information. However, there might be times when you must remove the footer and header information to achieve a cleaner look or replace them with custom designs.

Method 1: Use a Plugin

Without a doubt, using a plugin is the easiest way to eliminate the header and footer in WordPress. Numerous plugins are available in WordPress that allows disabling or removing the header and footer on different pages or posts. One such plugin is the”Disable Elements’ plugin.

  1. Install and activate the ‘Disable Elements’ plugin from the WordPress repository
  2. Navigate to the ‘Settings’ > ‘Disable Elements’ page on your admin dashboard
  3. Select the elements you wish to disable, such as the header, footer, or both, and click ‘Save Changes’. The plugin allows you to exclude specific pages, posts, or categories that you want to retain the header and footer, avoiding the entire website.
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Once completed, the header and footer will no longer appear on your WordPress site.

Method 2: Edit Your Theme Files

Modifying your WordPress theme files is another way of removing the header and footer on WordPress, excluding the use of a plugin. Remember that editing theme files may cause issues if you’re not familiar with coding. Therefore, it’s recommendable to make a backup of your website first.

  1. Navigate to the theme editor on your WordPress dashboard and select the ‘header.php’ file.
  2. Remove the code that appears above the ‘body’ tag to eliminate the header completely.
  3. Remove the code that appears below the ‘body’ tag by choosing the ‘footer.php’ file to remove the footer. Then, save your changes.

After making these necessary changes, both the header and footer will be removed from your WordPress site.

Method 3: Use Page Builders

Most page builders include options that allow you to hide or remove the header and footer in WordPress. One such page builder is the ‘Elementor’.

  1. Create new pages or edit existing ones and navigate to the ‘Page Settings’ section in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the ‘Hide Header’ and ‘Hide Footer’ options in the section, and the header and footer disappear. Repeat the same process for other pages you wish to eliminate the header and footer on WordPress.

Final Thoughts

Eliminating the header and footer on WordPress helps create visually appealing designs. By using plugins or modifying the theme files, eliminating the header and footer in WordPress can be achieved without technical coding. However, creating a backup of your website and cautiousness must be the priority when performing any necessary code changes. Hopefully, this article was helpful in guiding you on how to eliminate WordPress header and footer effortlessly.

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