“Revealed: Foolproof Ways to Spot a WordPress Website like a Pro!”

Discovering Whether a Website is Created with WordPress

WordPress stands out as one of the most popular website-building platforms worldwide, influencing over 37% of existing websites online. You may have stumbled upon a WordPress site at some point on your online adventures, but can you identify a website built with WordPress? Read on to find out how.

1. Spot the WordPress Logo

The easiest way to identify whether a site is built with WordPress is by locating the WordPress logo. Normally situated in the footer of the website, seeing the logo confirms that the site is indeed utilizing WordPress. However, some sites may eliminate the logo for design purposes, making this method unsatisfactory.

2. Check the Source Code

Another effective method to identify whether a website is constructed with WordPress is analyzing the source code. Though this method requires technical knowledge, it’s straightforward. To view the source code, right-click on the website and select “View page source” or “Inspect.” Look out for code prefixed by “< g” and “<title>”, which indicates that the website is made with WordPress. It’s possible to see other WordPress-defined code segments in the source code, such as the “\” tags around the website’s title.

3. Utilize Online Tools

Various online tools can assist you in identifying whether a site is built with WordPress. A popular example is What WordPress Theme Is That, which enables you to input a URL to determine whether the site operates on WordPress. The platform also provides data on the site’s used themes and plugins. BuiltWith is another popular tool that supplies detailed information on the site’s technology stack, including the CMS utilized.

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4. Check the URL Structure

WordPress follows a specific URL structure that includes a post name. For instance, a blog post URL on a WordPress site will resemble “www.example.com/post-name/”. This structure differs from other CMS platforms, such as Drupal or Joomla, which may use characters or numbers in their URLs. When you notice a URL structure that contains the post name, it’s highly probable that the website was built with WordPress.

5. Employ a Browser Extension

Various browser extensions can help identify whether a website is built with WordPress. The Wappalyzer and Chrome Sniffer are the most popular ones. These extensions function by analyzing the site’s code and providing technology stack information. Once installed, navigate to the site you want to check and click the extension icon on your browser’s toolbar. The extension will furnish you with details of the site’s technology stack, including whether it’s built with WordPress.


Being able to identify WordPress-built sites is vital for web developers, marketers, and site owners. Luckily, several methods can assist in identifying whether a site is using WordPress, including checking the source code, URL structure, WordPress logo, online tools, and browser extensions. With these methods at your disposal, noting whether a website is built with WordPress should be a breeze.

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