“Revamp Your WordPress Site with the Ultimate Guide to Instantly Adding Eye-Catching Popup Contact Forms!”

Unlock the Magic of WordPress with Popup Contact Forms

Experience the User Satisfaction and Boosted Leads

WordPress is the ultimate content management system, delving into realms of website, blog and online store creation unlike any other. One exceptional feature WordPress boasts is the fabulous “Popup Contact Form”, which is featured in great detail below.

Step 1: Activate WPForms Plugin

Create a fantastic new contact form with WPForms, the user-friendly, unrivalled contact plugin. Installing is very simple, as WPForms can be utilized two different ways. Either go through your WordPress dashboard, select Plugins, Add New and Install WPForms; alternatively, acquire the WPForms plugin from WPForms site and then access your WordPress dashboard, Plugins, Add New and upload the plugin file.

Step 2: Create a New Contact Form

In the WPForms editor, you have access to an abundance of templates for diverse forms such as appointment forms, subscription forms, payment forms and most importantly, contact forms! Users can also create a contact form from scratch, selecting specific fields such as message fields, name fields and subject fields, which are then dragged and dropped into the form. Field growth only continues from this point, with some nifty validation rules or instructional notes available to users.

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Step 3: Configure Contact Form Settings

The configuration process for the contact form’s settings is a breeze with WPForms. Click on the “settings” tab, with options for adjusting the title, submit button text, form width and description. The notification settings offer the ability to establish email notifications alerting the user when their contact form has been submitted. Only then can a response be sent back by using the “confirmation” settings, where you can select a particular message or redirect your visitors to a necessary page.

Step 4: Create a Popup Contact Form

To deliver a superbly crafted popup contact form in WPForms, the “Embed” tab is here to assist. Select the “popup form” option, which contributes enormously to popping up and scrolling down smoothly, allowing user capture as well as customization to blend with the website design flawlessly.

Step 5: Add Popups to WordPress Site

After finalizing your popup contact form, acquire and paste the popup shortcode, inserted exactly where users would like the form to appear on their web page. Side widgets, buttons, and posts/pages all fulfill a potential home for the popup contact form, and WPForms has developed an integration tab to automatically embed the contact form on your website, allowing a stress-free and simple initiative.

Step 6: Popups Contact Form Testing

Test the popup contact form for the best possible user experience. Simply fill it out, submit and ensure the confirmation message or redirect are functional, checking to see whether email notifications are successfully coming through. Trigger the popup form to check that displays and works efficiently.

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Popping Off with WordPress and WPForms

WordPress and WPForms are invaluable for delivering high-quality popup contact forms, creating more seamless functionality when obtaining leads or sales through our blogs, online stores and websites. With this exceptional tool kit, users can be sure to construct the best-looking contact form in a matter of minutes!

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