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Perplexity and Burstiness: The Value of Font Awesome in WordPress

WordPress is a globally recognized content management system that depends on Font Awesome to showcase content and brand. The popularity of WordPress is due to its flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to incorporate third-party resources such as icons with ease. Font Awesome is the most trendy web design icon set, providing over 3,000 icons for digital platforms and websites at zero cost to users. These icons give excellent user experience, and WordPress makes it extremely easy to incorporate them into your website or app.

Step 1: Install and activate the Font Awesome plugin

First, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and click on “Plugins,” then “Add New.” Type in “Font Awesome” in the search bar and install the plugins from the results. To activate, go to the “Plugins” section of the dashboard, locate Font Awesome and hit the “Activate” button.

Step 2: Adding icons

Font Awesome plugins will be ready for use once installed and activated. There are two ways to use Font Awesome.

Method 1: Using Shortcodes

To use this method, insert the shortcode of the icon you want on your post or page. To get the shortcode, visit the Font Awesome website and pick the desired icon, which will have a name that you can use in the shortcode. For instance, If you want to place the “Facebook” icon, use [fa icon=”facebook”].

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Method 2: Using HTML

This second method entails copying the HTML code of the icon from the Font Awesome site and pasting it into your website’s HTML editor.

Step 3: Styling your Icons with CSS

You can style icons using CSS to fit your website’s design. You can change features such as color and size to make them stand out. Use a custom CSS plugin and visit the settings page to add in your CSS code to style the icons. Pre-made CSS templates are also available on the Font Awesome site for novice CSS users.

Tips for using Font Awesome in WordPress

  1. Ensure that you are using the latest version of Font Awesome to ensure that your website has the latest updates.
  2. Only use icons that align with your brand and content. Not all of them may be appropriate for your website.
  3. Using too many of these icons can make your website appear cluttered and detract from the content.
  4. Before finalizing your projects, it’s important to test how they perform using icons. Adding icons to your website could slow down loading times, which can deter visitors.


By following the guidelines outlined in this article, users can seamlessly integrate Font Awesome icons into their WordPress sites. Remember to use icons sparingly and only choose those that best suit your brand and content. Embark on happy designing with Font Awesome today!

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