“Revamp Your WordPress Design with these Simple Tips for Rearranging Elements!”

The Intricacies of Moving Elements in WordPress

WordPress is a highly popular platform for building websites and blogs because of its user-friendly interface that makes it perfect for everyone, from novices to professionals. One of the many customization options available is the ability to move elements around a page. But, what are elements? Why do web designers need to move them around? How can one move elements in WordPress? Let’s find out!

Understanding Elements

Elements are the different components that make up a web page, and they include text, images, videos, buttons, menus, and more. Web designers need to comprehend the elements of a website to build functional and aesthetically pleasing pages.

Why Move Elements Around?

Moving elements around a page provides web designers with more control over the layout of a website since placing elements strategically guides visitors on the website and creates a more intuitive user experience. Moving elements around a page helps to make the website more visually appealing, increase user engagement, highlight crucial content, and make the website more user-friendly.

How to Move Elements in WordPress

To move elements in WordPress:

  1. Log in to WordPress Admin.
  2. Navigate to the page or post where you want to move elements.
  3. Click the “Edit” button to open the WordPress Editor.
  4. Hover over the element you want to move. You will see a four-way arrow. This is the Move tool.
  5. Click and drag the Move tool to move the element to a new location on the page.
  6. Release the mouse button when the element is in the desired position.
  7. Save or publish the page to take effect.
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Tips for Moving Elements in WordPress

Here are additional tips for moving elements in WordPress:

  1. Use Snaplines: Snaplines help to align elements to the grid.
  2. Use Section Breaks: Dividing a page into sections makes it easier to move elements around.
  3. Use Container Blocks: Container blocks serve as a container for other elements, making it easier to manipulate the overall layout of the page.


In conclusion, moving elements in WordPress gives web designers greater control over the layout of a website. By strategically placing elements, web designers can guide visitors on the website and create an intuitive user experience. Moving elements is easy, and by using the tips provided in this article, one can make moving elements on their website even more efficient. Happy editing!

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