“Revamp Your Website’s Look in Minutes: Learn How to Change WordPress Theme with Ease from PHPMyAdmin!”

Getting Perplexed with Changing WordPress Theme from PHPMyAdmin!

WordPress is a complicated CMS that offers a full-featured platform to publish your content and manage your website. Changing the WordPress Theme is one of the critical features that transform the entire layout in seconds. But, what if you cannot access the WordPress dashboard or switch to a theme with compatibility issues? Don’t worry, as there is an alternative way with PHPMyAdmin!

Before Proceeding with PHPMyAdmin, Create Backup!

Create backup with backup and restore plugin like UpdraftPlus to avoid dire consequences.

Step 1: Accessing PHPMyAdmin

For accessing the website’s database through PHPMyAdmin, log in to the hosting provider’s control panel. Follow the link to the website’s database, and you are in PHPMyAdmin.

Step 2: Finding WordPress Database

Locating the WordPress database is crucial, and if you have multiple databases to manage, you need to find the one that corresponds to your WordPress install. The WordPress database tables usually have prefixes starting with “wp_”.

Step 3: Locating Theme Table

After finding the WordPress database, find the table that contains information about the active WordPress theme. The table is usually named “wp_options” and click on the table to view its contents.

Step 4: Editing the Theme File

Double-click on “template” and “stylesheet” rows to edit the values in the “wp_options” table. Change the value to the desired theme name like “mytheme”.

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Step 5: Saving Changes

After editing the “template” and “stylesheet” rows, save the changes by clicking on the “Go” button.

Step 6: Verifying the Change

To check the new WordPress theme, visit your website and refresh the page. If all goes well, then congratulations, as you have successfully switched the WordPress Theme.


Changing the WordPress Theme from PHPMyAdmin is a precarious job that should be done with great care for database safety. Always create backup and if you face any issue, consult with professionals or seek WordPress Community’s help.

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