“Revamp Your Visual Studio Skills: Mastering Command Line Arguments Made Easy with These Tips!”

Finding Your Way Through Command Line Arguments in Visual Studio 2019

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to pass command-line arguments in Visual Studio 2019? Fear not, for we are here to clear the haze and show you the way.

What are Command Line Arguments?

Command Line Arguments are values or parameters that are passed to a program during run-time, via the command line interface, providing greater flexibility towards program operation. Through these arguments, you can define input and output files, as well as establish options, parameters, and other configuration data.

Methods to Pass Command Line Arguments in Visual Studio 2019

There are multiple ways to pass command line arguments in Visual Studio 2019, let’s discuss each of them:

1. Debug Menu

The easiest way to pass command line arguments is through the Debug menu. Just click on the “Debug” option and select “Start Debugging” or press F5.

Once Visual Studio has begun debugging, add the arguments to the “Command Line Arguments” box located in the “Properties” window, which can be accessed by right-clicking the project and selecting “Properties.”

2. Project Properties

You can also pass command line arguments directly through the project properties. Navigate to the target project for which you want to define the arguments, right-click and choose “Properties.”

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Then, move over to the “Debug” tab and add your desired arguments to the “Command Line Arguments” section.

3. Using the “Start Without Debugging” Command

Just hit the “Start Without Debugging” command available in the Debug menu, or directly press Ctrl +F5.

Next, in the “Command Line Arguments” field, type in the argument values that you would like to use.

4. Using Command Prompt

You can also run your application with command line arguments from the command prompt itself. Navigate to your project directory, enter the name of the executable, add spaces and type the desired arguments.


Passing command line arguments in Visual Studio 2019 is an easy process that provides multiple options for developers to establish greater control over their applications. Whether you use the “Debug” menu, the “Project Properties,” the “Start Without Debugging” command or from a command prompt, you’ll have the confidence to navigate command line arguments like a pro!

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