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Perplexing Steps To Change The Git Repository In Visual Studio

If you’re a developer, then you must be aware of Git, which is one of the most popular version control systems used to manage source code. It provides collaborative development options and tracks code changes over time.

Visual Studio Code is an integrated development environment that supports Git, which lets developers connect to repositories, commit code changes, and push them to remote servers

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Step 1: Open the Git panel

Open the Git panel in Visual Studio by selecting the View menu and clicking on Git, which will open the Git Panel on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Switch to the Remote tab

After opening the Git panel, switch to the Remote tab by clicking on the icon that looks like a globe with a branch in the Git Panel, which displays remote repositories connected to your local repository.

Step 3: Add a new remote repository

If you want to connect to a new Git repository, add it to the list of remote repositories. To do that, click on the Add Remote button that’s located at the top right corner of the Git panel. This opens up a new dialog box where you can enter the details of the new remote repository.

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Step 4: Fill in the details of the new repository

In the dialog box, enter the name of the new repository in the Remote name field. Next, enter the URL of the new repository in the URL field. You have the option to add a new description for the repository. Once you’re done with this step, click on Add to finish adding the new remote repository.

Step 5: Switch to the new repository

To switch to the new Git repository, click on the icon that looks like a branch in the Git panel, which will display a list of available branches in your new remote repository. Select the appropriate branch you want to check out.

Step 6: Pull the code

After checking out the branch, pull the code from the new repository by clicking on the down arrow icon with a line in the Git panel. This will pull the code from the new repository and add it to your local repository.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully changed the Git repository in Visual Studio. When developers work on different projects or contribute to open-source projects hosted on different Git repositories, switching between repositories becomes a common task. By following the steps outlined in this article, developers can securely connect to and work with multiple Git repositories in Visual Studio.

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