“Rev Up Your WordPress Site with This Incredible Step-by-Step Guide on Adding HTML Templates!”

Perplexing and Bursting Guide to Adding HTML Template to WordPress

If you desire a unique look for your WordPress website, an HTML template is an excellent option. HTML templates are pre-designed webpages that you can seamlessly install on your WordPress site. The process of adding an HTML template to WordPress might appear intimidating, but it’s not rocket science. Follow these perplexing steps for a professional-looking website!

Step 1: Choose an HTML Template

The initial step to add an HTML template to WordPress is selecting the HTML template that suits your site. Over the internet, there are numerous free and premium templates to choose from. Make sure to pick a responsive and WordPress-compatible template. It’s also ideal to settle for a relatively lightweight template to improve your site’s performance.

Step 2: Extract the HTML Template

Once you’ve picked an HTML template, extract the files from the compressed folder. Templates typically come compressed in a format such as .zip or .rar. To extract the files, use a utility tool like 7Zip or WinZip.

Step 3: Create a New Theme Folder in WordPress

You’ve extracted the files, now create a new WordPress theme folder and save your HTML template files. Create the folder in the wp-content/themes directory, and give it a name that describes the new theme to select in WordPress.

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Step 4: Add the HTML Template Files

You’re almost done! Copy all the files from the extracted folder, including the HTML and CSS files, JavaScript files, and other pertinent files, and paste them into the new theme folder.

Step 5: Edit the HTML Files

You’ll now edit the HTML files to integrate them with WordPress. WordPress will require special functions and tags to display content on your site. Replace the existing HTML code with WordPress functions and tags to give content control to WordPress.

Step 6: Add Customization Options

After editing and integrating the HTML files with WordPress, you can add customization options. Add features that let you modify your website’s appearance, e.g., upload logo, select color schemes, and choose fonts for a unique look and feel.

Step 7: Activate the New Theme

You’ve customized your website with the new HTML template and features, and now it’s time to activate the new theme in WordPress. Visit the Appearance tab, click on Themes, and select the new theme you created. Click Activate to start using the new HTML template that you added.


Adding an HTML template to WordPress is easy and straightforward, as outlined in these perplexing steps. Pick a WordPress-compatible template, edit the HTML files to work with WordPress functions and tags, and add customized features to give your website a unique look and feel. Voila! A professional-looking website within a few steps.

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