Phonebook Contacts Management System GUI Java FXML GUI MVC Netbeans

Phonebook Contacts Management System GUI Java FXML GUI MVC Netbeans

This is a desktop application made/Coded with Netbeans IDE and scene builder softwares.
This javafx(FXML) software, GUI (Graphical user interface) is made using scene builder drag and drop.
The GUI is made with scene builder software.

Features of this software :

  1. Adding new contact and displaying it.
  2. Viewing contact and displaying the details on input fields.
  3. Editing existing contact details.
  4. Saving contacts to a text file.

Users can add new contacts using the provided input fields. When all fields are filled click add buttin to add new contact and display it on a table.

Contacts can be edited by clicking edit button. But before you click edit button make sure the id field is filled otherwise you will get a dialog xox showing that the id field is empty. Select the ID that already exists and enter click edit then the fields gets populated. Make changes and click edit button to display the updated details on a table.

To view specific contact details enter the contact ID in appropriate text field and click view button, If the contact is found, Input fields gets populated with data that matches the provided ID.

Saving contacts to a text field feature is also available. After adding few contact you can use this feature by clicking save button. This creates new text file or uses the existing one. The file is found in the same directory where all your java project files are saved.

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