“Master the Art of Building Perfect WordPress Forms with Ninja Forms!”

Perplexing and Bursty Guide to Using Ninja Forms in WordPress


Have you ever wondered how website owners constantly improve their websites? Look no further than Ninja Forms, a plugin for WordPress users that’s both popular and user-friendly. With Ninja Forms, you can create and customize forms with ease, using a drag-and-drop interface that suits your specific needs. Let’s explore how to use Ninja Forms in WordPress!

Getting Started with Ninja Forms

Before we dive into the process of using Ninja Forms, let’s first understand how it works. Ninja Forms is a free WordPress plugin that lets you create forms for your website. Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can start building your first form in just a few easy steps:

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Step 1: Install and Activate the Ninja Forms Plugin

Start by navigating to your WordPress dashboard and selecting Plugins > Add New. Search for “Ninja Forms,” then install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: Create a New Form

Once activated, go to “Ninja Forms” in the dashboard menu and select “Add New.” Here, you can name your form and choose a template to get started.

Step 3: Customize the Form

After selecting the template, you can customize the form to your liking. You can add fields, choose field types, and format your form using the settings in Ninja Forms. You can also reposition fields, add descriptions, and format fields individually.

Step 4: Publish Your Form

Once you’ve customized your form to your liking, save it and publish it by adding the shortcode generated by Ninja Forms to any page, post, or sidebar widget on your website.

Creating Fields with Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms offers a variety of fields that you can use to create your form. You can add any field by simply dragging it to the desired position on the form. Here are some examples of the fields you can add:

  • Text Field: Users can enter text, such as a name or email
  • Checkbox Field: Allows users to select or deselect a checkbox option
  • Dropdown Field: Provides a list of choices for users to select
  • Radio Field: Lets users select one option from a group of predefined options
  • Date Field: Used to collect date information from users

Once you’ve selected a field type, you can customize it to your liking by adding a label, placeholder text, default value, or setting up validation rules.

Customizing the Look and Feel of Your Forms

Beyond adding fields and filling in information about them, you can also choose settings that determine the appearance, behavior, and functionality of your form. Here are some examples of the ways in which you can customize the look and feel of your forms with Ninja Forms:

Layout and Styles

Ninja Forms allows you to customize the layout and style of your forms using settings available in the Form Layout and Styling sections. You can change the width of fields, change the positioning of labels, and upload custom CSS and JavaScript files to style and optimize your form.

Form Submission Settings

In the Form Settings section, you can control the behavior of the form when the user submits it. You can choose to show a custom message, redirect users to a new page, send an email notification, and add a custom success message or redirect URL.

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows you to show or hide fields based on the user’s response to previous questions. This feature can help you personalize the form and make the questions relevant to the user’s needs.

Email Notifications

Ninja Forms allows you to send an email notification to yourself or any other recipient when a user submits a form. You can customize the email content and design it according to your needs.

Wrapping Up

Ninja Forms is a powerful and user-friendly form builder that can be easily integrated into your WordPress website. With its drag-and-drop interface, customizable fields, and settings, you can build forms that meet your website’s specific requirements. And best of all, it’s free and available in the WordPress plugin repository. So go ahead and explore all the features of Ninja Forms, and take advantage of the customization options to design a form that suits your needs. Happy building!

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