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WordPress: A Platform for the Perplexed

Have you ever felt lost in the world of website building? Fear not! WordPress is here to help. Surprisingly, over 39% of sites on the internet today are constructed with this popular platform. What makes WordPress so unique? Well, it’s an open-source platform available for anyone to contribute their coding expertise to. If you’re feeling perplexed, you can easily create a WordPress plugin and add new functionality to your site!

Let’s Talk Plugins!

So, what’s a plugin, you ask? Essentially, it’s just a piece of software that can add diverse functionality to your WordPress site. From spam control to better search engine optimization, the plugin possibilities are endless!

The Steps for Building Your Own Plugin

1. Plan Your Plugin

Don’t start coding before having a clear plan in place. It’s essential to consider who your target audience will be, what problems your plugin will address, and what features it will offer. By mapping out a clear plan, you’ll be better able to focus on the development process.

2. Develop Your Plugin

Once your plan is in place, it’s time to start coding! First, set up a WordPress development environment by installing software like XAMPP or MAMP. Then, create a new folder in the “wp-content/plugins” directory of your WordPress installation. Next, create a new PHP file in your plugin folder and add the metadata plugin header. Follow WordPress coding standards and ensure that your plugin codes are written in PHP.

3. Test Your Plugin

Before releasing your plugin to the public, it’s essential to test it thoroughly. First, activate your plugin on your WordPress dashboard and test all its features. If you come across any errors, use the WordPress debug log to fix them.

4. Release Your Plugin

Finally, it’s time to release your plugin to the world! Create a README file that explains what your plugin does, how to use it, and how to install it. Add your plugin to the WordPress plugin repository, making it easy for WordPress users to find and download it. Promote your plugin on social media and other channels to encourage people to try it out!


Don’t feel perplexed by website building anymore! With WordPress, you can easily add new functionality and solve problems. By following these simple steps and building your own WordPress plugin, you can release it to the world and contribute to the growing WordPress community.

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