How to enter bios HP Laptop

How to Enter the BIOS on a Windows 10 HP Laptop

Accessing the BIOS on a Windows 10 HP laptop can be difficult, but it’s necessary to know how if you want to change any of the computer’s essential settings. Here’s how to go into the BIOS when the computer boots up:

Start your HP laptop and immediately start repeatedly tapping the “F10” key on your keyboard. This will launch the BIOS setup program.

If the “F10” key does not work, try pressing the “Esc” key repeatedly. This may also launch the BIOS setup software.

If nothing of these options work, you can try repeatedly pressing the “F2” key. This is the most common key used to access the BIOS on HP laptops, so it’s worth a go if the other methods don’t work.

If you still can’t access the BIOS, consult your laptop’s instructions or contact HP support for further assistance.

Once you’ve opened the BIOS setup utility, you’ll be able to adjust a range of settings, including the boot order, system time and date, and power management settings. Just be cautious when modifying the BIOS, since erroneous settings can cause difficulties with your computer’s performance.

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