How To Clear Or Delete Temporary Files on Windows 7

How To Clear Temporary Files on Windows 7

This tutorial will guide or show you How To Clear or delete Temporary Files on Windows 7

Over time some files accumulate on your computer thus consuming alot of disk space.This is one of the best way to clear or unwanted temporary files from your computer temporary files folder. This methods increases computer additional disk space.

Step. 1. Click the start menu.

Step. 2. Type Run in the text field and select run option from the results.
Step. 3. Type %temp% in the text field of the run program and click ok.This will open your temp folder.

Step. 4. Highlight all files (Press Ctrl + A to select all. )
Step. 5. Press “Delete” on your keyboard or right click and select delete and click “Yes” to confirm.

Step. 6. All temporary files will now be deleted.

Some files might be in use and will not be deleted. Just check the checkbox and click skip.

Step. 7. Finally, Empty recycle bin.

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