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Unraveling the Mysteries of Debugging NuGet Packages in Visual Studio 2022: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever encountered difficulty in debugging a NuGet package in Visual Studio 2022? NuGet is a universal package manager for .NET that enables developers to create, share, and use reusable code components, making it a popular tool among software developers. However, debugging NuGet packages can sometimes be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore the process of debugging NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2022 and provide you with an ultimate guide to simplify the process.

Step 1: Build the Package in Debug Mode

The first step towards debugging a NuGet package is to build the package in debug mode. To accomplish that, you must ensure that the package’s source code is accessible on your development machine. Open the package’s solution in Visual Studio 2022, ensure that the Configuration drop-down is set to Debug, and the Platform drop-down is set to any CPU. Right-click on the particular project you aim to package and select “Pack” from the context menu. This should result in creating a NuGet package in your project’s bin/debug folder.

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Step 2: Install Package in Your Project

The next step is to install the package in your project. To proceed, open the Package Manager Console and type the following command:

Install-Package <your package name> -Version <version number>

This command downloads and installs the package in your project. The package’s DLL files will then be placed in the project’s “packages” folder.

Step 3: Debugging the Package

Now that you’ve built and installed the package in your project, the subsequent step is to debug it. There are two methods to debug the package:

1. Debugging Package Source Code

The first approach is to debug the package source code. This requires the package’s source code to be available on your development system. Open the package’s solution in Visual Studio 2022, set the Build Configuration to Debug, and designate the package project as the startup project. Next, attach the Visual Studio debugger to the project by selecting Debug -> Attach to Process -> Select the process of your project. This will attach the debugger to the process, enabling you to step through the code.

2. Debugging Installed Package

The second approach to debugging the package is to debug the installed package itself. To accomplish that, create a new project in your solution and reference the installed package in that project. After setting up the project, ensure that the Build Configuration is set to Debug, and add breakpoints to the code to debug. You can now begin debugging the project, and as the code reaches the breakpoint, step through the code and debug the package.

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Step 4: Troubleshooting NuGet Package Debugging Issues

Debugging NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2022 can be challenging sometimes. Below are some common issues you may encounter and their solutions.

1. Package Not Loading

If you have installed the package, but it’s not loading, ensure that the package is installed in the “packages” folder in your project’s root directory. If it’s not, reinstall the package and ensure that it’s installed in the “packages” folder.

2. Package Reference Issues

If you encounter errors relating to package references, ensure that the package references are correctly set up in your solution. You may need to update the package reference to a newer version that supports the functionality you require.

3. Project Configuration Issues

If you experience difficulty debugging the package, verify that the project’s configuration settings are set correctly. Ensure that the Build Configuration is set to Debug and the package project you intend to debug is designated as the startup project.

4. Debugging Large Packages

Debugging large packages can be especially challenging as it may consume a significant amount of time to step through the code. You can hasten the process by disabling the Just My Code feature in Visual Studio.


Debugging NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2022 can, at times, be challenging, but this guide should assist you in streamlining the process. Ensure that you build the package in Debug mode, install the package in your project, and debug it using one of the two techniques outlined above. If you encounter any issues, try the relevant troubleshooting steps to resolve them. Practice will make you proficient in debugging NuGet packages in Visual Studio 2022.

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