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Exploring Different Methods to Check the Version of Visual Studio

Visual Studio is an acclaimed integrated development environment (IDE) used by developers worldwide to create and enhance software projects of all sizes and complexities. As the software undergoes consistent updates and releases, it becomes imperative to keep track of the version of Visual Studio presently installed on your computer. In this article, we will explore the variety of available methods to check the version of Visual Studio installed on your machine.

1. Checking from the Visual Studio IDE

The Visual Studio IDE provides the easiest and most straightforward approach to ascertain the version of Visual Studio. You can easily verify the version number by following these simple steps:

– Open Visual Studio.

– Access the “Help” menu in the top menu bar.

– Click on “About Microsoft Visual Studio” from the dropdown menu.

– You will now be redirected to the “About Microsoft Visual Studio” window, presenting the installed product version, update version, and any extensions installed.

2. Checking from the Installation Directory

Another approach to identifying the Visual Studio version entails checking the installation directory for pertinent files linked with your version of Visual Studio. You can follow the ensuing steps to locate the Visual Studio version number:

– Navigate to the folder where you installed Visual Studio. For 64-bit systems, the default location is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\” and for 32-bit systems it is “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\”.

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– Once you have found the folder, search for a file called ‘devenv.exe’.

– Right-click on the file and choose ‘Properties’.

– In the ‘Details’ tab, you will view the file version and product version which conveys the current version of your Visual Studio software.

3. Checking from the Command Line

Lastly, you can also determine the Visual Studio version from the command line, which is highly beneficial when verifying the version remotely or in a scripting environment. Follow these simple steps below:

– Open either a PowerShell terminal or Command Prompt.

– Enter ‘devenv /?’ in the terminal.

– This will disclose a window exhibiting relevant information connected to the Visual Studio version, such as the installed product and update version.


Knowing the version of Visual Studio installed on your computer holds great significance as it enables you to take actions like checking whether a project needs migration or identifying if your computer meets the minimum requirements for a particular project. By understanding the various approaches described in this article, you can efficiently check the version of Visual Studio whenever necessary.

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