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Understanding WordPress Upload Limit

WordPress is a widely utilized content management system worldwide. It’s a perfect platform not just for bloggers but for businesses and individuals who want to share their ideas, products, and services with the public.

However, the challenge of using WordPress arises when uploading large video files. This task can be daunting because the file size frequently exceeds WordPress’s set limit.

Understanding Video Compression

Compressing videos before uploading them is essential. Video compression is the process of reducing video file size without compromising its quality. Compression enables quicker loading times and is necessary when the video is significant. Various compression techniques can be used, depending on the platform being used.

How to Upload Large Video Files to WordPress

  1. Use a Video Hosting Service

    The first option to upload large video files is to use video hosting services such as Vimeo or YouTube. These platforms allow for free and unlimited hosting of videos and easy embedding of videos onto WordPress websites.

  2. Use a Video Compression Plugin

    The second option is to use video compression plugins that permit video compression directly on a WordPress website. This option allows videos to be compressed on the fly as they are uploaded to the site. WP Smush is a free plugin that offers compression, along with Wistia, which provides free and paid plans.

  3. Use an FTP Client

    Another option is to utilize an FTP client such as FileZilla to upload videos of any size directly to WordPress servers without worrying about size limits set by WordPress.

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With these tips, uploading large video files to WordPress websites should be easier without worrying about the video files’ size limits.

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