Discover the Insanely Easy Way to Style Your Website with Google Fonts in WordPress!

The Perplexing and Bursting World of Google Fonts for WordPress

One of the most vital elements when creating a website is selecting the right font! Why, you ask? Well, the font you choose can make or break the overall look and feel of your website and convey your brand’s message. Fortunately, WordPress users can use Google Fonts, which offers a plethora of typographic options at no cost!

What is Google Fonts?

It’s an open-source font repository that offers web fonts for users’ websites. Using Google Fonts for WordPress can help you choose the best typography, enhance user experience, and give your content that professional look you desire. Get started by following these easy and quirky steps:

Step 1: Search for Your Desired Font

The first thing you need to do is head to the Google Fonts website ( and browse through the overwhelming list of fonts available. You can filter the list based on language, category, and thickness. Categories include Serif, Sans-serif, Display, Handwriting, and Monospace!

Step 2: Select and Add to Your Collection

Once you find a font that suits your website, add it to your collection by clicking on the “+” button next to the font’s name. You can try out different font variations as well. However, remember that loading too many fonts can affect your website’s speed, so be smart about the number of fonts you choose.

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Step 3: Customize Your Fonts

Now that you’ve added Google Fonts to your collection, it’s time to customize them to match your website’s aesthetic feel. You can choose various customization options, such as font size, weight, and line height, and also preview how the fonts will appear on your website. To customize your fonts, click on the “Customize” button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4: Get the Google Fonts Code

After customizing your fonts, you need to get the font code to add it to your WordPress site. Click on the “Embed” button at the top right corner of the customization page. Choose the embed method based on the recommended configuration for your website. For WordPress, the recommended method is using the @import method. Click on the “@import” tab and copy the font code.

Step 5: Add the Google Fonts Code to Your WordPress Site

The next step is to add the font code to your WordPress site. Head to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate to Appearance > Theme Editor. Select the theme you want to edit and click on the “Stylesheet (style.css)” file that will open the code editor. Remember, the HTML headings are essential!

Step 6: Use Google Fonts in Your WordPress Site

Now that you’ve added Google Fonts to your WordPress site, you can use them in your content using CSS in your WordPress editor, theme files, or page builder. For instance, if you want to use the Google Font “Roboto” for the H1 tag, add the following CSS code to your style.css file:

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h1 {

font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;


The CSS code above uses “Roboto” as the primary font family for the H1 heading tags.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right typography is crucial to enhance the aesthetics and user experience on your website. Google Fonts offer an excellent option for WordPress users who want to access a variety of web fonts for free. Using Google Fonts in WordPress is simple and easy, thanks to the customization options offered. With the six steps highlighted in this perplexing and bursting article, you can add and use Google Fonts on your WordPress site like a pro!

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