“Discover the Foolproof Method to Identify Professional or Enterprise Version of Visual Studio!”

A Comprehensive Guide: Checking Whether Visual Studio is Professional or Enterprise

Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that provides a plethora of tools and services to developers for designing, building, and deploying applications on multiple platforms. With its several versions like Professional and Enterprise editions, it offers more features and capabilities for advanced software development.

Checking Visual Studio edition

Method 1: Checking the title bar

If Visual Studio is Professional or Enterprise, a simple way to determine the edition is to take a look at the title bar of the application window. For Professional edition, the title bar will show “Microsoft Visual Studio 20XX Professional” whereas for Enterprise edition, it will show “Microsoft Visual Studio 20XX Enterprise” instead.

Method 2: Checking the features

Another way to determine which version of Visual Studio is in use is to check the features available in the integrated development environment (IDE). The Enterprise edition offers advanced testing, debugging, and profiling tools like IntelliTrace, Code Map, and Live Unit Testing, which are not available in the Professional edition. Additionally, the Enterprise edition includes additional project templates, code analyzers, and performance tools, which can help optimize code quality and performance.

Method 3: Checking the licensing

Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise editions require different licensing options. If using a Visual Studio subscription, verifying the subscription portal will show which edition is licensed. Alternatively, the licensing information can be accessed from the “Help” tab or “About Microsoft Visual Studio” option on the menu bar. For trial versions, the installation process will indicate which edition is in use.

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Method 4: Checking the pricing

Visual Studio Professional and Enterprise editions have different pricing plans. The former edition suits small teams and individual developers who require indispensable tools for building applications. In contrast, the Enterprise edition is ideal for large teams and organizations that require advanced features and tools relevant for complex application development.


In conclusion, determining whether Visual Studio is Professional or Enterprise can be done by checking the title bar, available features, licensing information, and pricing plans. Having a clear understanding of the differences between the two editions will help choose the appropriate edition based on specific development requirements and goals.

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