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Commenting Your Code in Visual Studio

As a developer, it is vital to ensure that your code is easily understandable by you and your team. One way to achieve this is by adding comments to your code. By doing so, you make your code more readable, maintainable, and accessible to other developers. However, adding comments can be a challenging and time-consuming process.

The Quickest and Simplest Way to Comment All Lines in Visual Studio

Visual Studio offers different ways to comment your code, but one of the quickest and simplest methods is to comment all your code lines at once. Here is how:

Step 1: Select the Code You Want to Comment

Start by opening the file in which you want to add comments. It can be a single file, a project, or an entire solution. Once you have opened the file, select the code you want to comment. You can choose a single line or multiple lines.

Step 2: Comment Using Keyboard Shortcuts

After selecting the code, press Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C to comment all the selected lines. This keyboard shortcut will add the “//’ (double forward slash) comment symbol at the beginning of each chosen line.

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Step 3: Un-Comment Using Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to remove the comments, select the code lines you want to un-comment, then press Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U. This will remove the “//’ (double forward slash) comment symbol from the beginning of each line.

Step 4: Comment Using Mouse Right-Click

Alternatively, you can also use the context menu to comment your code in Visual Studio. Right-click on the selected lines or code block and choose “Comment Selection” from the context menu. This will add the “//’ (double forward slash) comment symbol at the beginning of each selected line.

Step 5: Comment Using Mouse Shortcut

Another quick way to comment your code is by selecting the code to comment and pressing Ctrl + Shift + C. This will add the “//’ (double forward slash) comment symbol at the beginning of each selected line.


As a developer, commenting your code is essential to make it more understandable, maintainable, and accessible to other developers. This article has shown you the quickest and simplest ways to comment all lines in Visual Studio. By using keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts, or the context menu, you can add or remove comments in just a few clicks. So start commenting your code today and improve your coding productivity!

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