“Attention all website owners! Discover the ultimate guide to creating a professional ‘Under Construction’ page on WordPress – boost your online presence NOW!”

Feeling Perplexed? Learn How to Create an Under Construction Page on WordPress

Step 1: Choosing a Theme

Are you designing your website and feeling overwhelmed with changes to its layout, content, or theme? Well, you might want to consider putting an under construction page on WordPress to keep your visitors informed. Here’s how:

First things first, you need to choose a WordPress theme that is perfect for your under construction page. You can either use your current theme or choose a specialized under construction theme. Just make sure the theme you choose is fully responsive and adjusts the size and layout of your page for various screen sizes.

Step 2: Setting Up a Maintenance Mode Page

Most WordPress themes offer a maintenance mode feature that allows you to quickly create an under construction page. This feature is also known as the “coming soon” or “maintenance mode” page. You can include a custom message, a countdown timer, or even a form for visitors to subscribe to updates.

To enable maintenance mode in WordPress, you need to install a plugin that supports the feature. Some popular plugins include SeedProd and WP Maintenance Mode.

Step 3: Customizing Your Under Construction Page

Once you have set up your maintenance mode page, you can start customizing it by adding your logo, changing the background color, and adding text for your visitors. You can even use a countdown timer plugin to keep visitors informed of when your site will be back up and running.

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Step 4: Adding Contact Forms and Social Media Buttons

While your site is under construction, you still want to stay connected with your visitors. Including contact forms and social media buttons can help visitors get in touch with you and stay updated on your site’s progress. You can use popular plugins such as Contact Form 7 and Jetpack to add these features.

Step 5: Customizing the 404 Error Page

Visitors might run into a 404 error page when trying to access non-existent pages on your site. Customizing the 404 error page to match your under construction page will keep your visitors informed and engaged.

To customize the 404 error page, you can use a plugin such as Custom Error Pages.


Creating an under construction page on WordPress is a simple and effective way to keep your visitors informed and engaged with your site. Don’t forget to include contact forms, social media buttons, and a custom 404 error page to enhance your user experience while your site is under construction.

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